Malcolm X Documentary

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  • Event #1-Malcolm X is born- May 19, 1925

    Malcolm X was a legend. An inspiring role model for African Americans, and a hero. He has gotten through many hardships as a child, yet advanced into a strong African American. Someone who fought for equality. It is our responsibility as people after him to learn and get inspired from him. Malcolm X, one of our most influential leaders, was born in May 19, 1925. His father, Earl Little was soon going to leave him. His mother, Louise Little stopped taking care of him after his father’s death.
  • Event #2-Malcolm X drops out of school after 8th Grade

    In only eighth grade 1939, Malcolm X dropped out of school because of his white teachers insults. When Malcolm X dropped out of school, he would steal candy and food from local neighborhoods. When the police caught him, they found his mother not taking care of him and he was left in a foster home. Louise Little was then declared insane and in response, his siblings and him were then split up and sent to different foster homes, due to the fact that she couldn’t keep taking care of them.
  • Event #4- Malcolm X turns to Elijah Muhammad’s side

    Throughout the years in prison, he became more influential with the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm x was taught about Elijah Muhammad and his African history by Marcus Garvey. In prison, Malcolm wrote letters to Elijah Muhammad every day seeking counsel, and he responded back inviting Malcolm to submit himself to Allah and leave his no-good ways of crime.
  • Event #5- Malcolm X gets taken out from prison.

    On August 7th, 1952 Malcolm X was taken out of prison. After his release from prison, Little visited Elijah Muhammad in Chicago, Illinois. Malcolm X soon turned to the nation of Islam, where he followed the commandments of Elijah Muhammad spreading equality and Islam.
  • Event #6- Malcolm X marries Betty Sanders

    Jan 14th, 1958 Malcolm X marries Betty Sanders. They had been friends for a year and one day he decided to call her and ask her for marriage on the phone.
  • Event #7- Malcolm X breaks from Nation Of Islam

    Malcolm X takes a break Nation of Islam because of threats and because of bad talk of JFK. From Feb-March, 1964 Malcolm X took a break from the Nation of Islam. It was when the news reporters asked him how he felt about JFk’s assassination and he said it was like chickens coming home to roost. This upsetted Elijah Muhammad and he silenced him
  • Event #3- Malcolm X is arrested for Burglary

    In late 1945, Malcolm returned to Boston. He met a gangster named West Indian Archie followed with a group of trouble causing people. He began to steal and target the families of wealthy white families. On the day of January 12th, 1946, Malcolm X was arrested for stealing from a jewelry shop and arrested and convicted on burglary charges. He was sentenced with eight to ten years in Massachusetts State Prison, but was paroled to seven years. Other crimes also led to fines and arrests.
  • Event #9-Malcolm X’s house is firebombed

    On February 14th, 1965, Malcolm X’s house got firebombed by the Nation of Islam. Luckily no one got hurt and we were all safe.
  • Event #10- Malcolm X’s Assassination

    On February 21st, 1965 my dear husband was assassinated. It was in the Audubon ballroom, where he was going to speak. Then came the distraction...all you could hear after that was gunshots and screaming. He got shot 16 times! He was announced dead after little time in the hospital.
  • Event #8- Malcolm X goes on Hajj Journey

    From April 13th, 1964 to February 5th, 1965, Malcolm X went on his journey. First, he started out by going to Saudi Arabia to make pilgrimage. By the time he came back, he had been to Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Morocco and Algeria.