Maddie, Autumn, Emily Reen p.3

By mjustus
  • Supreme Court Ruled...

    Supreme Court Ruled...
    Supreme court ruled that every state had to offer equal education oprotunities.
  • Heman Sweatt Applies

    An African American man named Heman Sweatt applied to the law school at the University of Texas, which did NOT accept black students.
  • President Truman responds...

    President Truman responded to pressure. He created the Committee on Civil Rights to study racial descrimination and to suggest federal solutions to the problem.
  • Truman Ended Segregation in Military

    African leaders became frusterated as months passed with little action by Truman or Congress. That same year, he also banned segregation in the Military. That same year he also banned racial descrimination in the hiring of Federal Employees.

    NAACP decided to focus it's legal efforts to end segrgation in public schools.
  • Supreme Court Ruled...

    Heman Sweatt wantred to apply to a school in Texas, that didn't accpet Afdrian American students. Rathet than admit Sweat , the made an African African American Law School. The Supreme Court ruled in Sweatt vs. Painter that the new school did not provide Africans Americans with to equal acedemic facilities, and instructors. Sweatt was admited to this Law School.
  • Supreme Court Ruled

    The Supreme Court ruled in the Brown vs. Board of Education case, that segregation was in public schools was illegal.
  • Rosa Parks

    African American seamstress, Rosa Parks, refused to give up her seat to a white passenger, and she was quickly arrested.
  • Supreme Court Rule...

    In November 1956, the Supreme Court ruled that Montgomery's segregated bus sysetm was illegal.

    The School Board in Little Rock, Arkansas selected 9 outstanding African American students (the Little Rock 9), to attend a central High School in 1957.
  • Little Rock 9.

    Daisy Bates, the President of Arkansas' NAACP, arranged rides for the High School students on September 4, 1957. But Elizabeth Eckford, one of the Little Rock NIne, did not get the message. When Eckford went to school by herself, a mob met her. The Soliders would not let her enter alone without protection. And alone without protection, she faced a mob full of enraged protesters.
  • Earnest Ruthorfords Graduation

    Ernest Ruthorford became the first African American student to graduate from Central High School.