By hb9491
  • Introduction of a Hero

  • Witch Encounter

  • Prediction

    The witches predict he will become thane of condor and then become king.
  • Discovery and

    As they rejoin the real world they discover that the thane has been executed. They also discover that Macbeth has been given the title because of his bravery and loyalty on the battlefeild.
  • Make it Work

    After the first prediction came true Macbeth and his wife did whatever they could to make sure the second came true as well: that Macbeth would get the crown.
  • Killing Spree

    He killed all his friends, fellow wariors, and the king all to try and get the crown.
  • More on the King's Death

    The king's servants were first drugged by Lady Macbeth as Macbeth kills the king. To make sure they weren't caught, Lady Macbeth smears the kings blood on the servants to frame them.
  • Haunting

    Banquo's ghost haunts Macbeth who is the only one that can see it. This drives Macbeth insane and Lady Macbeth has to make up excuses to his insanity.
  • Return to the Witches

    They gave him three more prediction: Beware of Macduff, marching forest, and that he cannot be killed.
  • Result of the Prediction

    Macbeth tries to kill Macduff but he was not home at the time so he killed Macduff's wife and kids instead.
  • Driven Mad/Death

    A doctor watches Lady Macbeth who is sleepwalking because of her insanity. She dies soon after.
  • Fight to the End

    Soon after the death of his wife he finds out that there is a forest coming his way. He goes to the battle feild to protect the prophecy. Fighting Macduff who was upset about his wife and children being murdered, he thought he couldn't die. He was wrong. Macduff who had been "ripped" from his mother's womb killed him.