Loss of self-control

By smithe
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  • Duffy (1949)

    Said loss of self-control must be sudden.
  • Bedder v DPP (1954)

    He was impotent. He hired a prostitute, but could not have sex with her. So she teased him about his issue. He then strangled her. His impotency was not a characteristic that could be taken into account for a reasonable person.
  • Camplin v DPP (1979)

    Camplin was a 15-yr-old boy. The victim drugged and raped him. He then teased Camplin about the fact that he had raped him. Camplin became angry, picked up a chapati pan and whacked him over the head twice, killing him.
    The courts said that age and sex could be characteristics taken into account for the reasonable person.