Lord of the Flies

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  • Born

    He was born September 19, 1911, in Newquay, United Kingdom.
  • Teaching

    In 1935 he started teaching English and philosophy in Salisbury.
  • Quit Teaching

    Quit Teaching
    He temporarily left teaching in 1940 to join the Royal Navy.
  • First Book

    First Book
    In 1954 he published his first novel, Lord of the Flies.
  • Why the Lord of the Flies

    Why the Lord of the Flies
    William Golding wrote 'Lord of the Flies', because of World War 2.
  • Free Fall

    Free Fall
    He pub. Free Fall in 1959.
  • Memorial Prize

    Memorial Prize
    He won James Tait Black Memorial Prize.
  • Book of Prize

    Book of Prize
    He won the Book of prize in 1980.
  • Moving Target

    Moving Target
    He pub. Moving Target in 1982.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    British novelist William Golding wrote the critically acclaimed classic Lord of the Flies, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983
  • Atheist

    He once told an interviewer that he did not believe in the afterlife and had no desire to live with himself for a thousand years.
  • Died

    He died June 19, 1993, in Tullimaar House.