Life of Pi

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  • Pi growing up

    Pi growing up
    The Pondicherry Zoo was where Pi grew up. The zoo was his childhood life. "It was a huge zoo, spread over numberless acres"(page 15). It set up is caracter for the story. School is where Pi came up with his name. He was teased because of his name, Piscine Patel. He was teased to the point where he made his own nickname, Pi. And that is what we continue to know him as.
  • Hungry Tiger

    Hungry Tiger
    There is a scene when Pi’s father, Santosh, brings Pi and his brother to the tiger enclosure. After three days of not being fed Santosh tells the tiger’s keeper to put a live goat into the enclosure with the hungry tiger. The tiger then gruesomely killed and ate the tiger. Pi’s father did this to show his son’s how vicious tigers can be. He wanted them "to understand that" they "are never to touch a tiger, pet a tiger" or go near a tiger. (page 42). This scene gave us a sense of foreshadowing.
  • Religion

    Pi’s Three Religions. By the age of 13 Pi has discovered three religions that he can relate to. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Each giving him a different way to relate himself to his God(s). it took Pi's parents a long time to realize Pi was practising three religions. "it wa forcefully brought to the attention" (page 81) of his parents.
  • Ship Sinks

    Ship Sinks
    "The ship sank."(page121) This scene took Pi from the life he would have had and lead him into the struggles of being in the open ocean with a Tiger, Hyena, Orangutang, and Zebra on a life boat.
  • War breaks loose on lifeboat.

    War breaks loose on lifeboat.
    The Hyena eats the Zebra viciously while its still alive. Showing the brutality of the animal. The Hyena defeats the Orangutang in a fight. Again showing the viscous side of the animal. The Tiger, Richard Parker, kills the Hyena. Showing the strength and determination of the Tiger.
  • Hatch

    Pi finds the food supply and a bunch of other equipment. When he finds the supply all he could saw was "Thank You! Thank you! Thank You!" (page 182).This gives us hope that he will survive. And with his survival the story will go on.
  • Territory

    Pi claims his territory on the boat showing us hope of his survival.
  • Oil Tanker

    Oil Tanker
    The oil tanker - An oil tanker almost crashes into Pi and richard parker but just misses them and keeps going without stopping for Pi.
  • French Man

    French Man
    Just after going blind pi meets the French Man and hope looks good. The man doesn't turn out to be the man we thought. He climbs into Pi's boat and just as the man is about to kill him Richard Parker attacks and kills the French Man.
  • The Island

    The Island
    Pi's vision comes back and he sees an island of green. This island turns out to be a mass of floating alge. This island gives pi food and shelter. After a few days just staying on the coast Pi decides to go inland and investigate. He soon finds what Richard Parker had found a long time ago, A species of aquadic meercats. After a day or so he decides to sleed in one of the tree top where he discovers that at night the alge turns acidic. He then decides to leave the island and move on.
  • Mexico

    Pi lands on the coast of Mexico. When they reached the beach, he "was weak" he "barely had the strenght to be happy".
  • Japanese interview Pi

    Two men from the company of the ship come and interview Pi to try and figure out why the ship sunk.
  • Period: to

    Growing up

    Pi before the sinking of the ship.
  • Period: to

    On the boat

    Pi's struggle on the life boat.