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Life of Edgar Allen Poe

  • Edgar Allen Poe's Birth

    He was born in Boston, Massachusets.
  • Period: to

    Life of Edgar Allen Poe

  • Edgar Allen Poe's Sister is born

  • Parents Death

  • Edgar Allen Poe Sails to England for School

  • Sails Back to the USA

  • He writes his first poem

  • He goes to College

  • Poe drops out of College and splits with Allans

  • Enlists in Army and Publishes first book

    "For all of his problems, in the course of his relatively short life Poe revitalized American literature, producing perfectly crafted stories and poems while creating whole new genres (we have Poe to thank for the detective story, for example) (Shmoop).
  • Death of Foster Mother

  • He goes to a Military Acadmemy at West Point

  • West Point reject & Emerging Writer

  • Death of Brother

  • He becomes southern literary messenger

  • He marries his cousin

  • He moves North

  • His first Novel is published

  • He becomes an Editor of a Magazine

  • He publishes a Novel in two volumes

  • He edits for a magazine again

  • Becomes a Lecturer in Literature

  • He publishes another poem

  • Death of Wife

  • Second Engagement

  • Death