Life events in the 1940's

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    Life in the 1940's

  • First Computer was invented

    Germany created the first programmable computer and in 1942 Americans followed through with their own
  • George Washington Carver Museum

    This museum was dedicated at Tuskegee Institute and is now part of the Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site
  • Attack of Pearl Harbo

    The Japanese fighter planes launched an attack on the US destroying the US Pacific Fleet
  • Executive 9066 is signed into law

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the 9066 into law
  • Battle of the Midway

    This Battle was fought at the midway Islands with the Japanese Fleet encountering its first major defeat
  • First Nuclear chain reaction

    Produced at the University of Chicago in Manahattan Project
  • The Jefferson Memorial

    This was dedicated on the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Jeffersons birth by FDR
  • Race Riots in Detroit

    This caused fourty deaths and seven hundred injuries
  • Normandy Invasion

  • Americans land on Iwo Jima

    Thirty thousand Marines landed on Iwo Jima
  • Roosevelt Succumbs Brain hemmorhage

  • Mine workers Strike

    400,000 mine workers began to strike
  • Microwave oven was invented

  • Jackie Robinson breaks major league baseball barrier against colored people

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park is established

  • Organization of American States was founded

  • US withdrawls its troops from Korea