Lewis & Clark

  • Start of Journey

    Lewis and Clark begin their journey exploring the westward territory.
  • Encountering the Natives

    Lewis and Clark have their first encounters with the native tribes. The explorers exchanged greetings and gifts with a group of Oto and Missouri Indians. Although this went well, President Jefferson reminded the explorers to make a friendly impression on the Sioux tribe.
  • Encountering the Sioux Tribe

    Lewis and Clark attempt to exchange gifts with the Sioux Tribe. However, they do not care for the gifts they were given and became threatening to the explorers. Lewis and Clark escaped this safely by pulling their weapons (but no harm was actually done). Because of this, the Americans failed to make good relations with the Sioux Tribe.
  • Approaching Winter

    Lewis and Clark tried to cover as much as they could before the Missouri River froze over. They planned to stay at the Mandan tribe's villages, where they built a fort to protect them from the cold and Indian attacks.
  • Heading Due West

    Lewis and Clark enter "grizzly country." The Indians warned them about it, but the esplorers did not feel threatened due to their more advanced weapons (such as rifles). Lewis remained unimpressed by the bears until one ran after him.
  • Lewis Discovers The Great Falls

    Lewis discovered the Great Falls of the Missouri River. He realizes it's five seperate falls as opposed to just one. Afterward, he rejoined Clark and they continued
  • Encountering the Shoshone Tribe

    Lewis and Clark, with the help of Sacagawea, trade with the Shoshone Indian Tribe in order to get horses so that they can cross the Continental Divide.
  • Exploring Nez Perce Territory

    The explorers were almost out of food when they got to Nez Perce Territory. They stayed there through harsh weather conditions, before continuing the expedition.
  • Parting Ways

    Lewis and Clark are serperated. On July 3, Lewis and his group cross the Continental Divide and encounter the Blackfeet Indian Tribe. On July 8, Clark and his group cross the Continental Divide, and end up in the territory of the Crow Tribe, where their horses are stolen, despite the fact they didnt see one Indian.
  • End of Journey

    Two years, four months, and ten days after they had left, Lewis and Clark return home from their jounry and are greeted with enthusiasm.