Lewis and Clark Journey

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  • And the Expedition Begins...

    The Lewis and Clark expedition has just begun. Lewis and Clark along with a group of men set off, and begin traveling up the Missori River. Their modes of transportation were a keelboat and two pirogues. Clark spends his time constructing maps, while Lewis gathers research on rocks, plants, and wildlife.The men keep a watchful eye for any Native Americans, and even after two months of traveling they do not come in contact with any.
  • A Lack of Friendly Relations

    Lewis, Clark, and the rest of the men, were entering into the Teton Sioux territory and had brought a gift. Jefferson had requested that the men create friendly relations with the natives. When the men made their offering to the Native Americans, the Natives ordered the men to give them a boat in exchange for their passage. This led to both sides preparing to fight, but in the end both decided to retreat.
  • A Winter Full of Preparation

    During their time in Mandan, the men of the expedition spent their time preparing for the journey ahead. Lewis and Clark reflected and reported on what that had experienced and what research they had collected. They hired a man by the name of Toussaint Charbonneau, to act as their interpreter. He along with his wife and young child, joined the expedition.
  • A Glimpse at the Rockies

    After much traveling, the group was finally able to see the rockies in the distance. This was the sight Lewis and Clark had been waiting for. This sight symbolized how far they had come and how far they still had to travel.
  • The Southern Branch or The Northern Branch?

    Lewis, Clark, and the rest of the expedition had come across a fork in the river. They agrued about which way to travel and the group could not afford a mistake, so scouting parties were sent out. Lewis ventured out with three other men down the southern branch in search of the falls, which would indicate that that was part of the Missouri River.
  • The Great Falls

    Lewis finally reached the great falls and was the first white man to see this amazing sight. He discovered there were actually five falls instead one, which he was told by an Indian. This posed a great obstacle for the group as they attempted to travel around it. This was the most physically grueling portion of the journey so far.
  • A New Mode of Transportation Needed

    The expedition was in need of horses in order to continue their journey through the mountains. They knew of a tribe who would likely trade for horses, the Shoshone Tribe. The group spotted an Indian on horseback who was a member of the tribe and he brought them to the chief. The chief of the Shoshone Tribe was Sacagawea's brother, and with her help, Lewis and Clark were able to bargain with the chief for the horses.
  • The Harsh Rockies

    As the group traveled through the rockies, many things hindered their success in crossing. The freezing temperatures, the lack of food, the dying horses, the group was fighting to stay alive. After passing through the mountains the expedition met with the Nez Perce and received for dried fish and roots from them. At last they were able to set up camp, knowing the next step would be the pacific ocean.
  • The Pacific

    When the group had finally caught its first look of the water, Clark believed it was Pacific Ocean and yelled, "Ocian in view! O! the joy!" In reality they were about 20 miles from the actual Pacific Ocean. Eventually the group did make it to the Pacific Ocean, the destination they had worked towards for a year and a half.
  • And the Expedition Ends...

    After 9 months, the group was welcomed with gunfire salutes and 1,000 people waiting for their arrival. Since their departure from the Pacific Ocean, the expedition had given up their boats, split up, Lewis had gotten shot, yet the group was still able to return home triumphant.