Lewis and Clark Hailey G

By HaileyG
  • Clark is born

  • Lewis is born

  • Lewis is asked by President Jefferson to be his personal secretary

  • Camp wood estabilished upstream from St. Lewis in Fall/Winter

  • Expedition begins

  • Men try to drown a never before seen prarie dog out of its hole

  • Lewis and Clark meet Sacagawea

  • Sacagawea has a baby boy

    Sacagawea's son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau—nicknamed Pompy by Clark—is born with assistance from Lewis.
  • They run out of tobaco

    The expedition runs out of tobacco. They had run out of their whiskey ration the previous fourth of July.
  • Lewis finds a grizzly bear never before described by scientists

  • lark names the Judith River

    Clark names the Judith River in honor of a girl back in Virginia he hopes to marry.
  • Lewis' 31st birthday

    Lewis' celebrates his 31st birthday and vows "in future, to live for mankind as I have heretofore lived only for myself."
  • They reach the Columbia River

    The expedition reaches the Columbia River, the last waterway to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Clark thinks he sees the ocean

    Clark, who believes he can see the ocean writes his most famous journal entry: "Ocian in view! O! the joy." The expedition is actually still 20 miles from the sea. Terrible storms halt the expedition for nearly 3 weeks.
  • Lewis and Clark reach St. Lewis