Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific Ocean (August 31, 1803-September 25, 1806)

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  • Corps of Discovery Begin Trip

    Jefferson wanted Meriwether Lewis lead the "Corps of Discovery."
    Before the deal of the Lousiana purchase was finalized, Jefferson wanted to see if there was a water route that went west to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Tense Meeting with the Teton Sioux

    Communication broke down when talking about the Lousiana Purchase. There was translations of French, English, and Sign Language going back and forth. Everyone had different political agendas.
  • Sacagawea and Her Husband Joins the Expedition

    Sacagawea and her Canadian trading husband were hired by the expedition. She helped the men letting the tribes know they came in peace, but also she was able to provide edible plants for their diet.
  • Sacagawea Reunited with Brother

    Sacagewea was back with her home tribe, and found out her brother was the Shoshone Chief.
  • Danger in Bitterroot Mountains

    The snow was deep. Horses were slipping and tumbling down the mountains. The men began to starve. The were taken in by a small village of Nez Perce Indians.
  • In View of Ocean?

    After the traveling the dangerous Columbia River, they reach the Gray's Bay.
  • The Pacific Ocean

    The begin to set of for the winter.