Lewis And Clark Expedition

  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins
    The begining of Lewis and Clark's journey through Louisiana.
  • Heading Into Danger!?

    Heading Into Danger!?
    Oto and Missouri Indians arrived at Lewis and Clark's camp. This first Indian encounter went well, the two sides exchanging greetings and gifts.
  • Standoff With the Teton Sioux

    Standoff With the Teton Sioux
    Just as the Yankton Sioux had warned, the Teton Sioux greeted the expedition with gifts, a medal, a military coat, and a cocked hat, with disguised hostility. One of the Teton chiefs demanded a boat as the price of passage.
  • Racing Against Winter's Approach

    Racing Against Winter's Approach
    Lewis and Clark were quick to cover as many miles as possible before the Missouri river froze. Four days after the first snowfall, they reached the Mandan tribe’s villages, where they planned to spend the winter
  • Winter Among the Mandan

    Winter Among the Mandan
    The expedition men kept busy during the Fort Mandan winter, repairing equipment, trading with the Indians, and hunting. Lewis and Clark learned much about the country to the west from the Mandan and their neighbors the Hidatsa.
  • End of Winter

  • Into Grizzly Country

    Into Grizzly Country
    For the first time in their journey, Lewis and Clark were headed in their preferred direction, west. But going west would lead them into grizzly country.
  • Rockies in Sight

    Rockies in Sight
    In early May the expedition almost lost one of its two boats when a sudden gust of wind caught the sails and jolted the vessel over on its side. The Rockys had come into sight.
  • A Fork in the River

    A Fork in the River
    A fork oin the river stopeds them and make thim decide to go right.
  • Around the Great Falls

    Around the Great Falls
    On June 13 Lewis became the first white man to see the Great Falls of the Missouri River. But to his astonishment there were five separate falls, not one as the Indians had said, and they went on for a 12-mile
  • Toward the Continental Divide

    Toward the Continental Divide
    The closer the captains came to the mountains, the more formidable the snow-covered peaks became. Once they get across the Continental Divide, they could ride the west-flowing Columbia River.
  • Among the Shoshone

    Among the Shoshone
    On August 11 Lewis spotted an Native on horseback. It was a Shoshone at last, the first Native they had seen since Fort Mandan.
  • Deadly Crossing: The Bitterroots

    Deadly Crossing: The Bitterroots
    Snow started to fall as the expedition header for the Continental Divide. Food was scarce in the Rockies, and food supplies ran low. But finally the expedition reached the divide and passed over the other side, down into the Bitterroot Valley.