Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Lewis about died.

    Lewis climbed the cliff above it, for a view of the surrounding land. At the summit he slipped and almost fell. Just short of disaster, Clark wrote in his journal, "he saved himself by the assistance of his Knife."
  • Lewis and Clark meet other tribes

    Lewis and Clark meet with the leaders of the Oto and Missouri tribes
  • council with Yankton Sioux

    Friendly council with Yankton Sioux held.
  • Lewis and Clark meet Sacogawea

    Sacogawea is considered helpful.
  • the expedition starts to go across the Great Falls of Missouri.(18 miles)

    The party starts the 18 miles across the Great Falls of Missouri.
  • The expedition names the 3 forks.

    In late July, the expedition stops at 3 forks of Missouri. The name them "Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson."
  • The expedition meets the Shoshone tribe.

    the expedition stops at the Shoshones. The shoshones help guide the expedition. They also give them 29 horses and a mule.
  • The expedition reaches present-day Idaho

    After crossing some mountains, the expedition reaches present-day Idaho.
  • the expedition reaches Columbia River.

  • Clark thinks he sees the ocean. Clark writes his most famous journal entry

    Clark thinks he can see the ocean. he writes his most famous journal entry:"Ocian in view!o!the joy." The expedition is really 20 miles from the sea.
  • The expedition starts to build winter quarters.

  • The expedition starts the journey home.

  • Lewis and Clark split up.

    The expedition splits up to explore more of the Louisiana Territory.
  • Lewis and Clark meet up.

    The expedition meets up at the front of the Yellowston River.
  • Lewis and Clark reach St. Louis.