Lewis and Clark

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    Lewis and Clark expedition

  • Expedition starts

  • The First Native American Encounter

  • The Expedition Meets the Teton Sioux

    The encounter was not friendly like president Jefferson had hoped, but both sides did fall back at the last minute and no battle was fought.
  • Winter is Coming

    The members of the expedition set out to building a fort for winter, and finished at the end of November.
  • The expedition hires an interpreter

    The members meet a french fur trapper and hire him and his native american wife, Sacagawea, to be an interpreter and to help them learn about the land.
  • Heading west into grizzly country

    As the experdition goes farther west, they find themselves in bear country, and think it no big deal since the men have rifles. One day they spot a pack of grizzlies, which attack the men and almost kill Meriwether Lewis. If they did not reload the gun in time, he would have been dead.
  • Sacagawea saves the supplies

    As the were sailing down the river, one of the boats turned on its side and many supplies went overboard, but Sacagawea gathered as much of what fell as she could.
  • The expedition finds themself stuck at a fork

    Both of the two rivers were of the same size, and the men disagreed about which one to take. After sending scouting parties they still had no luck. Lewis decided to take the southern branch with a few other men to see if it led to the Great Falls.
  • Lewis finds the Great Falls

    He was the first white man to ever see them, and found that it wasn't just one waterfall, but a series. He went back to the others to bring them forth, which took a month to get around them.
  • The expedition finds the Shoshone Indians

    They are led to the chief, and they find that it is Sacagawea's brother, which could have been the difference between getting horses or not. They bargain with the indians. giving them ammunition and firearms in exchange for the horses.
  • The expedition reaches the Pacific