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  • Journey starts

    Clark starts the journey by getting Lewis because Lewis was in St. Louis
  • New Animals

    The men cam to the island and found many animals. Jefferson wanted them to get one of the new animals, and so the men tried to get their hands on a prarie dog
  • Translators

    Lewis and Clark decide to hire Toussaint Charbonneau a fur trader ,and his wife Sacagawea to be there translators in case they run into any indians.
  • Baby

    Sacagawea gave birth to a new baby boy, who I am guessing was adorable because he was a baby.
  • White Cliffs

    White Cliffs
    Lewis and Clark arive at the White Cliffs, where Lewis rights in the journal how the place felt sort of romantic.
  • Sacagawea

    Sacagawea fell ill and they were decided to nurse her back to health. They had to use melphium and sulfur water because she was terribly sick.
  • Sacagawea is better

    Sacagawea is feeling a lot better, but Lewis rights how just in case they were still using medicine to make sure she didn't fall ill again.
  • The Range

    Sacagawea think she knows where some indians are because she recognizes somethings on the range. On the 13th of August they found the indian camp
  • Cloumbia River

    Cloumbia River
    Lewis and Clark reach the Cloumbia River
  • Pacific

    Lewis and Clark had reached the Pacific and decide to where to build their winter qaurters
  • Go Home

    Lewis and Clark after finishing what they came for started to head home.
  • Return

    Louis and Clark came back from their journey
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