Lewis and clark

Lewis and Clark

  • Louisiana Purchase Treaty

    Louisiana Purchase Treaty
    The Louisiana Purchase was signed giving the United States much more land.
  • Lewis and Clark start of expedition

    Lewis and Clark start of expedition
    Lewis and Clark and others began their journey to find out more about the Louisiana Purchase territory.
  • Sergeant Floyd dies

    Sergeant Floyd dies
    Sergeant Floyd dies in Sioux City. He was part of the expedition team.
  • Meeting with Sioux Indains

    Meeting with Sioux Indains
    The group had a friendly meeting with the Sioux Indians in South Dakota.
  • Sacagawea gives birth

    Sacagawea gives birth
    Sacagawea was an Indian who traveled with the group. She had a baby boy.
  • Killed a bear

    Killed a bear
    Grizzly bears were not known.
  • Discovered Waterfalls

    Discovered Waterfalls
    Lewis discovered waterfalls on the Missouri River.
  • Preparing for Mountain crossing

    Preparing for Mountain crossing
    They camped in Missoula, Montana to prepare for the mountain crossing.
  • Reaching the Columbia River

    Reaching the Columbia River
    They survived crossing the mountains and made it to the Columbia River.
  • Returned to St.Louis

    Returned to St.Louis
    The expedition was successful.