Lewis and Clark

By riahh10
  • They begin their adventure

    They begin their adventure
    They had traveled up 600 miles up the Losuisiana river and still had not came across an indian. They had about four dozen men with them on thier adventure.
  • Around the Great Falls

    Around the Great Falls
    June 13th Lewis became the first white man to see the Great Falls of Missouri River. None of the Indians told him it would go on for 12 miles. The falls was going to take much more time than he had planned. June 16 Lewis and Clark had rejoined six days later the portage began
  • Heading into Danger

    Heading into Danger
    On August 2nd they had run into the Oto and Missouri Indians. The first encounter with the indians went well. They had exchanged gifts. They knew things would be different when they met the Sioux. Sgt. Charles Floyd was the first to die on an expedition. By the end of the month they had reached the eastern edge of the Great Plains.
  • Standoff with the Tenton Sioux

    Standoff with the Tenton Sioux
    They greeted the expedtion and its gifts, a megal, military coat, and a cocked hat. The Teton chiefs demanded a boat as the price of passage. They indians became threatening, Clark drew his sword and Lewis turned the keelboat's swivel gun on the Sioux. They pulled back the the explorers began up river.
  • Racing Against Winter's Approach

    Racing Against Winter's Approach
    Lewis and Clark traveled as much as they could before the Missouri Froze. Four days after the first snowfall, they reached Mandan tribe's villages where they planned to spend winter. They built a fort to protect them from the cold and the attack by the Sioux. Their food supply began to dwindle.
  • Winter Among the Mandan

    Winter Among the Mandan
    They kept busy during the winter. Trading things and hunting with the Indians. Lewis and Clark learned a lot about the country to the west of Mandan. They met Sacagawea and her baby who would travel with th expedition when it left Fort Mandan.
  • Into Grizzly County

    Into Grizzly County
    People warned Lewis and Clark about grizzly town. Lewis thought that while grizzlies had no real danger against a man with a rifel besides the natives with bow and arrows. Lewis changed his mind once they became encountered with a grizzly.. They wounded one bear but the other one chased him 80 yards.
  • Rockies in Sight

    Rockies in Sight
    In early May the expedition almost lost one of its two pirogues when a sudden gust of wind caught the sails and heeled the vessel ove on its side. Sacagawea was able to save precious journals and supplies.
  • A Fork in the River

    A Fork in the River
    They became upon a fork in the river June 3rd. The captain believed that it was from the southern branch in Missouri. Which had lead them to the Rockies. Lewis decieded to take a group of men to the sounthern branch in search of the Great Falls
  • Toward the Continental Divide

    Toward the Continental Divide
    The closer they became to the mountains the more formidable the snow-covered peaks became. Crossing the Missouri River to the Columbia River was goine to require horses. And they had to find the Shoshone Tribe first.
  • Among the Shoshone

    Among the Shoshone
    The Shoshone led the expedtion to his chief, who in dramatic stroke of luck turned out to be Sacagawea's brother. They had traded an old shirt and knife. But the prices went up each day until Clark had to offer his knife, his pistol, and a hundred rounds of ammunition for a single animal.
  • Deadly Crossing: The Bitterroots

    Deadly Crossing: The Bitterroots
    Snow began to fall, food supplies began to run low. Finally the expedition reached the divide and passed over the other side, down into the Bitterroot Valley. They met the Flathead Indians and bought more horses.