letters from Ted L Nancy

By jmont
  • Dear Ritz - Carlton.

    Ted L. Nancy writes to the Ritz-Carlton hotel to ask if they found his Prussian Military sword that he might of left at their bathroom. Ted thinks he might of set it down when he was loosening the sword. The Ritz-Carlton writes to tell Ted that the security department could not locate the sword.
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    Letters from Ted L Nancy

  • Dear Nordstrom Dept stores.

    Ted Nancy writes to [Norstrom](shop.nordstrom.com) to see if he can buy a manequin he has notice. He wants the manequin because the manewuin looks like Ted's deceased neighbor.Nordstrom writes back to ted saying that his request is a most interesting request, but when it's time to change the manquins he could purchase it.
  • Dear Hanes underwear

    Ted writes to Hanes underwear to let the executives know that he has invented the "6 day underwear". There is a cleaning agent in the fabric that cleans the underwear. Ted wants to meet with the executives.
  • Dear Luxor Hotel& Casino General Manager

    Ted writes to the Luxor Hotel& Casino General Manager to inform them that he is building a bouse that looks like the Luxor hotel. He ask permission if it would be okay if he could come by the hotel and take pictures of the outside.Ted thinks the hotel is a perfect design for his house. The Luxor vice president writes back saying it would be okay for Teed to take some exterior pictures of the hotel as long as he does not jepordize the safety of the guest and himself.
  • Dear Brown Palance Hotel (lost & found Dept.)

    Ted writes to the lost and found department becasue he bit down into some crackers and later on,after he woke up he realized he had lost a tooth. He wanted to know if someone had found his tooth. The lost & found Dept. had not found his tooth.
  • Dear Ringling Circus

    Ted Nancy writes to Ringling circus saying he 2 foot 3 inches tall and 65 pounds. He goes by the name "PIP THE MIGHTY SQUEAK". Ted says he can lift up a 100 pound woman as his act.
  • Dear Secretary Espy

    Ted writes to the Secretary of Agriculture to see if he could be the speaker at his job for an oorganization of tennis shoe retailers. Ted says he has been an admirer of Sec. Epsy's leadership. Unfortunately, Secretary Mike Espy left the position in December of 1994
  • Dear Flamingo Hotel

    Ted writes to Flamingo hotel to let them know that he is a gambler and he would like to gamble in his lucky clothes. His lucky Clothes is a shrimp costume. He feels confortable and rekaxed in the costume
  • Dear Topps baseball card President

    Ted Nancy writes to the president of topps baseball carda because he has a " valuable". Ted worked in a hotel and he was setting up a room service tray up . He notices MIckie Mantal clipping his toe nails , so after Mr. Matle leaves, Ted collects Baseball icon's toe nail clipping and puts them in a bag. Ted wants to donate the valuables Topps
  • Dear Tim Conway

    Ted Nancy writes to tim telling him that they look alike and unfortunantly people mistake Ted for Tim. When Ted got of the bus, one person said "hey it's Tim Conway. Ted sends a drawing of "them" inorder dor Tim to see that they look alike.