Les Miserables Timeline

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  • Jean Valjeans Freedom

    Jean Valjeans Freedom
    It had been nineteen years since he was free. It seemed like no one trusted him though, as he walked through the town of D----. Every tavern he tried to stay at turned him down. This yellow pass he had to carry marked him as a convict. No one bothered to find out the real story. Slowly, he made his way through the town, where he was about to lay on a stone for the night. Tired, hungry, and grouchy, he looked up at the sky. A lady came along and told him to knock on a door not to far away.
  • Given the Gift of a Second Chance

    Given the Gift of a Second Chance
    He knocked on the door, preparing for the worst. He asked for a place to stay and some dinner. For a change, the man said yes and he was prepared supper. Halfway through the night, Jean awoke, and left the house, taking the Bishops silver with him. He was caught, but when the police turned him to the Bishop, he said that he had given the man the silver. Shocked, Jean was speechless. The Bishop then told him if he wanted to keep the silver, he must become a new man.
  • New Town, New Life

    New Town, New Life
    After the Bishop told Jean he was to be a new man, Jean headed out for the town of M---- Sur M----. There, he created a new name for himself, Father Madeleine. He worked in the town, and made a new way for the town to produce their biggest product cheaply. He made a lot of money in his time there, eventually becoming the mayor. He was honored in many ways by the king, and people in the town looked up to him. Especially when he saved the old man Fauchelevent from a cart.
  • Jean Gets a Daughter

    Jean Gets a Daughter
    Jean had been talking to a woman named Fantine. She had a daughter, Cosette who she had left with the Thenardiers. The Thenardiers were nasty people, but put on a nice show. Fantine asked Jean to get Cosette. He didn't go and fetch her, as he went to help a man in court. When he returned, Fantine was delerious, and imaginging she could hear Cosette. Just then, Javert came in to arrest Jean. He begged Javert for three days to get Cosette, which he was denied. After that, Fantine died from shock.
  • Running with Cosette

    Running with Cosette
    Jean and Cosette move from place to place, as they are never quite safe from Javert. At one point they find an old run down house, but don't stay for long as Javert soon finds them. After running, they go to Paris where they live in a convent for a while. Eventually, they move to an apartment because Jean doesn't want Cosette to hate him if she doesn't want to be a nun. After moving, they go to a town square, where a young man named Marius spots Cosette and falls madly inlove with her.
  • Cosette is Married

    Cosette is Married
    Marius and Cosette marry. Marius learns the real truth about Jean. Not wanting Cosette near him, he keeps her away from Jean as long as possible. He also learns that Jean did not infact kill Javert, but Javert commited suicide. A little while later, Thenardier comes by and offers him information about Jean. Marius learns that Jean saved him during the fight and regrets keeping Cosette from him, and they go to visit. Shortly after, Jean dies. Before dying, he said 'I die a happy man.'