Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Born on November 11, 1974

    Born in Los Angeles, California. His parents divorced around this time and he was raised mainly by his mother.
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    Early Television Work

    For years, DiCaprio had trouble landing an agent. One agent even recommended DiCaprio change his name to Lenny Williams to improve his appeal. However, by the early 1990s, he began landing regular television work.
    Landed a guest role on “The New Lassie and Roseanne”, “Parenthood” and was a regular guest on “Growing Pains”.
    FUN FACT: During this time he became great friends with Tobey Maguire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYN-L_qBOsY
  • Landed First Movie Role

    Landed First Movie Role
    Starred alongside Robert De Niro in This Boys Life.
    Generated $4 million from the box-office.
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    Early Movie Career

    From “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” to “Romeo+Juliet”, DiCaprio experienced a lot of success in his early career.
    Perhaps his most successful work, though, is the Titanic. This grossed 2.2 billions dollars.
    Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yClVlc_niac
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    Late Movie Career

    Starred in “The Departed”, “Blood Diamond”, "Inception" and "The Great Gatsby" to name a few of his acclaimed successes.
    DiCaprio also later joined forces with great director Scorsese to make “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
  • Oscar Win for “The Revenant”

    Oscar Win for “The Revenant”
    Won his first Oscar, which to a lot of people came way too late.
  • Environmental Impact

    Environmental Impact
    DiCaprio has long demonstrated his passion for environmental issues.
    Founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a nonprofit that supports environmental issues.
    Today, he has donated over $100 million to fight climate change.