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Last Forty Years Presidents

  • Energy Shortage - CARTER

    Energy Shortage - CARTER
    Energy shortage where the US started running out of oil and gas. The oil and natural gas the people were relying on for 75 percent of their energy was running out. This crisis hurt Jimmy Carter's presidency.
  • Panama Canal Treaties - CARTER

    Panama Canal Treaties - CARTER
    • Panama Canal Treaty and Neutrality Treaty promising to give control of the canal to the Panamanians by the year 2000. By signing this treaty, Carter gained a lot of respect.
  • Attempt to Assassinate - Reagan

    Attempt to Assassinate - Reagan
    While Reagan was leaving a speaking engagement, he was shot in the chest by assassinator John Hinckley Jr., but Reagan survived. The attempt to murder the president failed, and Reagan recovered from his wounds and still served as President of the US.
  • Challenger Disaster - Reagan

    Challenger Disaster - Reagan
    A space shuttle that was sent off into space, blew up 7 seconds after its take off, causing 7 members to die. Reagan handled this well by providing a very sympathetic sspeech.
  • Iran Contra Affairs - Reagan

    Iran Contra Affairs - Reagan
    A political scandal in which Reagan agreed to trade in weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of a few Americans who were held hostage by Iran. With no authority or permission of doing so, the President still went through with the situation.
  • "No New Taxes" - H.W. Bush

    "No New Taxes" - H.W. Bush
    During a speech, George H.W. Bush pledged not to raise taxes with his famous line: "Read my lips. No new taxes!" This made people want to pick him as president, but during his presidency, he went against this slogan and raised taxes.
  • Berlin Wall - Reagan

    Berlin Wall - Reagan
    Reagan ordered to tear the wall down. As the wall came down, it helped the Cold War end peacefully. This helped his presidency a lot.
  • Gulf War - H.W. Bush

    Gulf War - H.W. Bush
    The annexation of Kuwait by Iraq, caused the U.S to start a bad war between America and Iraq. I believe this hurt Bush's presidency.
  • NAFTA - Clinton

    NAFTA - Clinton
    Free trading organization between United States, Canada and Mexico. This made things easier for the countries to trade within eachother without paying, it also made it easier for import and export benefits on goods.
  • Healthcare Crisis - Clinton

    Healthcare Crisis - Clinton
    Healthcare Security Act was a 1993 healthcare reform package proposed by the administration of President Bill Clinton and closely associated with the chair of the task force devising the plan, First Lady of the US, Hilary Clinton.
  • Kosovo War - Clinton

    Kosovo War - Clinton
    A conflict between Albanians on the Kosovo Island that intensified and tried to prevent more intensity between the two groups, then the NATO stepped in to deal with the situation.
  • Sex Scandals - Clinton

    Sex Scandals - Clinton
    Once Clinton becamed president, a woman named Paula Jones brought up a lawsuit on him that claimed that he sexually harrassed Jones. This case was brought up in the Supreme Court but eventually was dismissed because Clinton didn't give Jones any "damage".
  • Axis of Evil - Bush

    Axis of Evil - Bush
    President Bush had delivered a state of the union speech to congress where he explained severealy countries that he considered axis of evil, meaning the were a threat to the peace of the country.
  • Homeland Security - Bush

    Homeland Security - Bush
    President Bush announced publicly the establishment of Homeland Security that would focus on the security of the country caused to be enforced because of the 9/11 attacks.
  • Afghanistan War - Bush

    Afghanistan War - Bush
    After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Bush announced waron terror meaning the start of war in afghanistan.The goal was to get rid of the Alqueda terrorists.
  • Affordable Care Act - Obama

    Affordable Care Act - Obama
    Obama singned a new act which expands Medicaid Health care to new benefits, cutting costs, and improving care for patients. This new act is also known as ObamaCare.
  • Capturing of Osama Bin Laden - Obama

    Capturing of Osama Bin Laden - Obama
    The leader of the terrorist group Al-Queda was killed in Pakistan by the U.S. He was the leader of the terrorist group that had an attack on 9/11.
  • 9/11 - Bush

    9/11 - Bush
    On 9/11 terrorist boarded a plane and took control and flew the plane in the World Trade Center in New York City which killed thousands of people. This presidency hurt his presidency because he went straight into war after, but people still elected him again.