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Last 40 Years

  • Carter: US Inflation

    Carter: US Inflation
    Carter's presidency time wasn't really a good time for the
    US. The US was suffering a bad economy crises. Carter had to do something about it, so he started a gas pump restrictor, because they were short on gas.
  • Carter- Camp David Accords

    Carter- Camp David Accords
    Carter took his time, about 13 days, to convince both nations: Israel and Egypt to truce. It took Carter a good amount of days to convince the two to come together and truce, because they both are different religions that ave two different set of beliefs. For example, Israel is mostly Jewish and Egypt is mostly all Muslims.
  • Reagan: Assasination Attempt

    Reagan: Assasination Attempt
    While leaving a speaking engagement, Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest by assassinator John Hinckley Jr. The attempt to murder the president failed, and Reagan recovered from his wounds and still served as President of the US.
  • Reagan: Challenger Disaster

    Reagan: Challenger Disaster
    Space Shuttle named Challenger blew up in the air, seconds after it was launched. There were 7 crew members inside.
  • Reagan: Iran Contra Affair

    Reagan: Iran Contra Affair
    There was a scandal during Reagan's time that showed that he agreed to trade weapons with Iran in exchange for the realease of a few Americans who were held hostage. With no permission of authority, Reagan still went through with it all.
  • HW Bush: No New Taxes

    HW Bush: No New Taxes
    During HW Bush's presidential compaign, he pledged not to raise taxes with his famous line: "Read my lips. No new taxes!" This is the reason why many people voted for him. Things weren't going as well, and he broke his promise and raised taxes.
  • HW Bush: Gulf War

    HW Bush: Gulf War
    The annexation of Kuwait by Iraq, caused the US to start a War between America and Iraq. The war ended shortly after Kuwaits liberation.
  • Clinton: NAFTA

    Clinton: NAFTA
    This was a free trading organization between The United States, Canada and Mexico. They would all three trade without paying, and would make things easier for them.
  • Clinton: Monica Lewinsky

    Clinton: Monica Lewinsky
    Clinton and Monica were really close working together, and many people questioned their friendship or affair. It all happened to be all true, All the rumors and stuff. Clinton swore under the oath that he didn't have any sexual relations with her. When it all came out to be true, he almost lost his presidency when the house of reps tried to impeach him.
  • Clinton: Kosovo War

    Clinton: Kosovo War
    There became a conflict between the Albanians that lived on the Kosovo land, that eventually outnumbered the Serbians that were on the Kosovo land originally. The conflict intensified and to prevent any more intensity between the two groups NATO stepped in to deal with the situation.
  • Clinton: Sex Scandals

    Clinton: Sex Scandals
    As his affair with Monica calmed down, another woman named, Paula Jones, claimed a law suit aggainst him saying he sexually harrased her. This was dismissed at court because Clinton has not given Jones any damages to suffer.
  • Bush: Terrorist Attack

    Bush: Terrorist Attack
    Early morning of Spetember 11, 2001, the twin towers in New York were both crashed by planes. The terrorists took charge of two planes which caused the destruction by flying into each of the towers.Bush promised to seek revenge upon the terrorist group and find the one responsible, who is Osama Bin Laden.
  • Bush: War in Afghanistan

    Bush: War in Afghanistan
    Because of the attacks of the twin tower in early September, went to war with Aghanistan in order to stop terrorism and make it clear to stay away from the US. We are still in war with them present time.
  • Bush: Axis of Evil

    Bush: Axis of Evil
    This was a term that Bush put in category all of the enemies of the United States. That included, Iran, Iraq and North Korea.
  • Bush: Dept Homeland Security

    Bush: Dept Homeland Security
    This was a program Bush started after the attack on 9/11 to protect the country if any more further disturbances.
  • Obama: Lilly Ledbetter Act

    Obama: Lilly Ledbetter Act
    First Law signed by President Barack Obama which ammends the Civil Rights act of 1964. It changes the times you can file a lawsuit on an unfair paycheck by your employers.
  • Obama: Killing of Osama Bin Laden

    Obama: Killing of Osama Bin Laden
    The leader of the terrorists who were responsible for the 9-11 attacks was finally found and killed by the US Navy. Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda, was put to death as promised years ago.