La moda en los años 60's

  • The liberation of the young

    The liberation of the young
    In this decade of the 60's, adolescents began to express their opinions freely. This liberation was made mainly of music that awakened long-repressed mentalities, which was a change in all fashion trends.
  • Styles of the 60's

    Styles of the 60's
    In the 60s, the ideal was not to show the female body or its attributes, but to appear thin and show the most childish side as a game of seduction, thus the famous "Lolitas" appeared. that was very famous this trend for young women of the time and is still seen in 2021
  • The babydoll

     The babydoll
    Starting in 1964, everything changed with the arrival of the miniskirt and short hair for girls. Two trends marked the women's fashion of the moment. The babydoll style that mixed innocence and sensuality with their designer dresses and Oxford shoes. also pajamas.
  • Men's fashion in the 60's

    Men's fashion in the 60's
    For men, the Italian suit of the 1960s was transformed by narrowing trousers, lapels and ties. The rebel style of the white T-shirt, biker jacket and jeans de hombre de marca convivia con el bank inspirado en los Beatles.
  • Mary Quant

    Mary Quant
    The most iconic designer of Mod fashion at this time was Mary Quant. she is a Welsh designer who established a high-end boutique for young people. She invented in the late 60's the hotpants. she was very famous and everyone wanted her designs
  • The Hotpants

     The Hotpants
    Hotpants became so popular in the late 1960s that with the advent of the age of airplanes, airlines began to harness their sex appeal. This was one of the uniforms of the stewardesses in 1968. There is no doubt that the Hotpants were made as much as possible. It was no longer just an urban wardrobe but it became the uniform of the airlines.
  • Hippie fashion

    Hippie fashion
    Alternative hippie style included long skirts, bell bottoms, colorful clothing, cashmere, and lots of tie-dyed material. And of course, as we now know with the benefit of history It was the hippie fashion of the late 60s that became the "trend", as it was for the fashion of the 70s, as more and more celebrities like George Harrison and Pattie Boyd took on the new alt.
  • Completion of the fashion of the 60's

    Completion of the fashion of the 60's
    But this is where our story ends. As you can see, the 60s really covered a wide spectrum of fashion changes and style innovations.