• The battle of the Coral Sea

    the Japanese first attempted to seize Port Moresby by a sea and air attack but were defeated in the Battle of te Coral Sea in early May 1942 and the Battle of Midway in early June.
  • Battle of the wild way

    By June, however, some experienced officers joined the inexperienced troops.
  • The Maroubra Brigade

    On 7th July 1942, the Maroubra Brigade began the long, tough march across the Owen Stanley Range to defend the airport at Kokoda.
  • Two RAAF Kittyhawk squadrons arrived.

    American engineers constructed three airstrips and on 25th Ausgust two RAAF Kittyhawk squadrons arrived
  • The Japanese began to withdraw

    Australian and UNited States forces continued attacking the Japanese and just a wekk later, on 3rd Septemeber, the Japanese began to withdraw.
  • Australian recaptured Kokoda

    It was not until 2nd November 1942 that the Australians recaptured Kokoda and another seven weeks before the Japanese withdrew from the coastal towns of BUna, Gona and Sanananda.