Night Timeline

  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    January 30, 1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor
  • Military takes control

    January 14, 1936 Military takes control of Japanese
  • Hitler sends troops

    Nov 14, 1936 Hitler sends troops into Rhineland
  • Nazis round up jews

    Nazis begin rounding up Jews
  • Nazi Soviet signed

    April 8, 1939 Nazi Soviet signed by Hitler
  • Invade Poland

    Nazis invade Poland
  • World War 2 begins

    War begins
  • Japanese attack Pearl Harbor

    December 7th 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Feb 1942 Excuitive Order 9066

    President Roosevelt issues Execuitive Order 9066 giving the US military the authority to round up any Japanese American or people of Japanese ancestry and take them to internment camps
  • War Ends

    The War ends
  • Post war

    The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine paved the way for Israel to declare its independence in 1948 and marked the start of the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict.