Kings of Navarra

Timeline created by Irene Lacunza
In History
  • Period: 905 to 925

    Sancho Garcés |

    He was born in 860. He reigned during 20 years. His father was García Jimenez. He was the king of the Jimena’s dynasty. Pamplona became a kingdom during his reign. He expanded the kingdom and died in december 10th.
  • Period: 1004 to 1035

    Sancho Garcés |||

    He was born in 992. He reigned during 31 years. In this period he ruled Álava, Castilla and Monzón. He was proclaimed Imperator Totius Hispane. Sancho dominated Sobrarbe and Ribagorza too.
  • Period: 1150 to 1194

    Sancho the Wise

    He was born in 1133. He reigned for 44 years. He was the first king of Navarre. He quarrelled with Aragón and Castille, organized the kingdom and secured the throne. He died in 1194.
  • Period: 1194 to 1234

    Sancho the Strong

    He was born in april of 1154. He reigned for 40 years. He was called Sancho the strong because of his size. He helped Alfonso V||| in the battle of the Navas de Tolosa, in this battle Sancho the strong his troops arrived to the Muhammad’s tent to cut the chains who protect Sancho the strong. It is said that the king ordered the chains in the coat of arms. Sancho died in 1234 when he was 80 years old.
  • Period: 1234 to 1253

    Teobaldo |

    He was born in 1201 and he reigned during 19 años. He was called The Troubadour. Tebaldo signed treaties with Castille.
  • Period: 1349 to 1387

    Carlos || the Bad

    Carlos was born 10th october of 1332. He reigned during 38 years. He quarrelled with the king of France and he wanted to be king of France himself. He fought against Castille and was defeated. He died in 1387 and his heart is in Ujué.
  • Period: 1387 to 1425

    Carlos ||| the Noble

    He was born in 1361. He was king of Navarre for 38 years. Besides he was count of Evreux and duke of Nemours, in France. He ended the quarrels with Castille through his marriage with Leonor of Castille. He also wanted to end the problems with Aragon. He unified Pamplona and died in 1425.
  • Period: 1425 to 1441

    Blanca of Navarre

    She was born in 1387 and he reigned during 16 years. She was the third daughter of the king Carlos |||. She was pertenece to de Evreux dynasty. She was the queen of Sicilia. She founded cofradies. She was married to Martín of Sicilia and Juan |of Aragón. She died in 1441.
  • Period: 1483 to 1512

    Catalina Albret

    She was born in 1468 and she reigned during 29 years. She was the duchess of Foix, Bigarra and ribagorza. She was the little daughter of Gastón of Foix. She died in 1517.
  • Period: 1484 to 1516

    Juan Albret

    Juan Albret: He was born in 1469 and he reigned for 32 years. He was defeated by the duk of Alba in 1512. He died in 1516.