King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

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  • King Uther and his love, Igraine (Chapter 1).

    King Uther and his love, Igraine (Chapter 1).
    King Uther loved a girl called Igraine, but she didn’t loved him. Uther was very sad and he called Merlin to make Igraine fall in love with his magic. But when they had a child, they should give to him. The boy was called Arthur and when he was three days ago, Merlin took the child away.
  • Childhood of Arthur (Chapter 1).

    Childhood of Arthur (Chapter 1).
    When Merlin took Arthur, he gave Arthur to Sir Ector, an important knight. Arthur lived his childhood with Sir Ector and his son, Kay. They lived like a family, as father and children.
  • Arthur, the new King (Chapter 1).

    Arthur, the new King (Chapter 1).
    One day Uther talked with Merlin about the new king of his country, because he was very ill. Merlin called the best knights in the Kingdom. Who can pull out the sword from the stone would became the future king. Arthur tried to pull out the sword easily and everyone was amazed. Then Arthur became the new king and Merlin told to Arthur his real parents and his story.
  • Visited his Kingdom: Camelot (Chapter 2).

    Visited his Kingdom: Camelot (Chapter 2).
    After being named King, Arthur traveled with his knights through the Kingdom. When they were back they stopped in Camelot. It became the most important town in his Kingdom. After that, Camelot, a city like any other, became the home of King Arthur and his Knights.
  • King Arthur and his love, Guinevere (Chapter 2).

    King Arthur and his love, Guinevere (Chapter 2).
    Arthur visited his friend, King Leogrance, and there he met the sister of King Leogrance, Guinevere. Arthur fall in love with her because she was very beautiful. King Arthur asked Merlin to marry them. After they were married and King Leogrance was very happy. To celebrate the weadding they organized a party in Camelot.
  • The Round Table (Chapter 2).

    The Round Table (Chapter 2).
    One day, Merlin made a Round Table in Camelot. He put it the best knights in the Kingdom. From that moment all the knights or the Round Table were famous. Some died and other new knights came. For a long time a place there were with no knight. Merlin saw the future and said that the best knight would sit there. Years later, Sir Galahad came and sat there, in that place.
  • Queen Annoure’s castle (Chapter 3).

    Queen Annoure’s castle (Chapter 3).
    The King visited his country on his horse, where he met his citizens and spoke with them. But one day, when he was in a wood, he saw something strange. It was a beautiful and great castle. Suddenly, a woman who called him by his name came out of the castle and invited him to went in, because it was late and everything was dark. That woman was the Queen Annoure and she was very kind with Arthur. She gave him food and a room to spend the night. Then the King ate, went to his room and he slept.
  • Betrayal of Queen Annoure (Chapter 3).

    Betrayal of Queen Annoure (Chapter 3).
    When Arthur woke up, Queen Annoure showed him her castle. Arthur said he had to go home. It was then when Annoure told him to stayed and be king there, that if he tried to left the castle, he would died. No one could stopped him and Arthur left quickly. The Queen talked with Sir Pellinore to fight him, but he didn't knew it was Arthur. The fight began and the King's sword broken. Finally, Pellinore knew that the knight was his king. The two men became friends again and Arthur went home.
  • New King's Sword: Excalibur (Chapter 3).

    New King's Sword: Excalibur (Chapter 3).
    Arthur went to spoke with Merlin and said him that his sword has been broken. The old man told Arthur to accompany him and he would found his new sword. They started their journey and went through a wood. They came to a lake where Merlin told Arthur to went to the lake. Suddenly, a beautiful woman came out of the lake, she was the Lady of the Lake who told him to went for his new sword. Arthur got on a boat and went for it. Merlin said to Arthur that with the sword no one could killed him.
  • Morgan le Fay (Chapter 4).

    Morgan le Fay (Chapter 4).
    Arthur thought Morgan le Fay was his friend, but she wanted to kill him. The king left his sword in the castle of Morgan le Fay and went hunting. At night, he didn’t know how to return and stayed to sleep on a boat with food, water....When he woke up he was in the castle of Sir Damas. Sir Damas told him to fight for him and he would go out and take the three knights with him. Arthur fought, broke his sword won the battle. From that moment he knew Morgan le Fay was bad, because she was horrible.
  • Nuns (Chapter 4).

    Nuns (Chapter 4).
    Arthur fought against Sir Damas and he was won. Meanwhile, Morgan le Fay went to Camelot and said that King Arthur was dead. Later Arthur’s knights arrived and said that he wasn’t dead. Morgan le Fay went as quickly as possible to her castle. During the journey she asked where King Arthur was, finally a man answered that he was with the nuns. Morgan le Fay went to saw the king. She managed to saw him and stole the scabbard of his sword. She left quickly so that no one would see her.
  • Persecution of Morgan le Fay (Chapter 4).

    Persecution of Morgan le Fay (Chapter 4).
    When the king woke up he saw that his scabbard was missing and asked the nuns if anyone had entered his room. They answered that Morgan le Fay had been there, but she left very quickly. The king told them that he had to go, but they didn’t wanted him to left because he was ill. Finally he went in search of Morgan le Fay. He asked if they had seen a women, a man answered yes. Morgan le Fay threw the scabbard in the bottom of a lake. Arthur followed but didn’t saw her because he had already gone.
  • Arthur´s friend, Merlin (Chapter 5).

    Arthur´s friend, Merlin (Chapter 5).
    Merlin helped Arthur since he became king and with his magic the country lived in peace and calm. But one day Merlin went to Camelot and spoke to Arthur. Merlin said that he would die soon in a dark cave and couldn´t be there to help him. Arthur very sad, asked Merlin if with his magic he could make him not die. Merlin said no, he should be a good king for his country without his magic. Merlin left and Arthur never saw him again.
  • Vivien, the new apprentice of magic (Chapter 5).

    Vivien, the new apprentice of magic (Chapter 5).
    Vivien lived with the Lady of the Lake, where she learned a lot of magic. Years later Vivien went to Camelot and studied with Merlin. When she already knew all the magic of her teacher, she decided to try to kill him to be the best magician in the world. They started their journey and came to a dark cave. Merlin entered first and Vivien ran out, said the magic words and the cave closed. Merlin was trapped because he didn’t know the magic words to open the cave and he could never leave.
  • Leyend of Merlin (Chapter 5).

    Leyend of Merlin (Chapter 5).
    Some people think that Merlin is now in the dark cave. When somebody will open the cave and will take off the big stone, Merlin will leave and will help the world. Also he will teach us to be good and happy.
    But since that moment, King Arthur was alone and without the help of Merlin.
  • A day in the wood (Chapter 6).

    A day in the wood (Chapter 6).
    It was a great day and Queen Guinevere and her knights and ladies went to the forest to have a party and pick flowers. The night came and 20 knights and Sir Meligrance jumped from the trees. He wanted to take the queen to his castle, he loved her. The queen sad, told him that he was a knight of the round table and must be a good man. The knights fought and finally the queen told her knights to stop, or they would die. They went to Meligrance Castle and one boy went to Camelot.
  • Sir Meligrance (Chapter 6).

    Sir Meligrance (Chapter 6).
    When the boy arrived he told Lancelot what had happened in the wood. Sir Lancelot quickly equipped himself and went to Meligrance's castle. When he arrived, he crossed the wood so that nobody could see him. This didn´t happen and Meligrance saw him. At that moment the queen forgave Meligrance. Lacelot arrived at the castle, the queen told him that she was not angry. They stayed that night in the castle, and Sir Meligrance locked Lancelot in a room. The queen and Meligrance went to Camelot.
  • The lie (Chapter 6).

    The lie (Chapter 6).
    When they arrived to Camelot, Meligrance lied to the king and told him that he hadn´t taken the queen, that she had gone with him because she loved him. The king was very angry with him. While, at Meligrance Castle, a girl opened the door for Lancelot. He went to Camelot and wanted to kill Sir Meligrance. When he arrived, he said he would fight without a helmet and he will win. He did so, breaking Meligrance's helmet and killing him.
  • Tristram: the baby who was born in a wood (Chapter 7).

    Tristram: the baby who was born in a wood (Chapter 7).
    One day the king of Lyonesse went hunting but he couldn´t return home. The queen worried, went to look for him and was also lost. Stayed under a tree. She was pregnant and the baby was born in the wood and named him Tristram. The queen died, but years later, the king married with a women and had a son. The new queen, wanted to kill Tristram with poison, but killed her son. On the second try, he nearly killed the king, who was very angry. He didn´t kill her, but Tristram went with his uncle Mark.
  • Tristram and his love, Isolt (Chapter 7).

    Tristram and his love, Isolt (Chapter 7).
    The son of the King of Ireland, Sir Marhaus, said that no one had beaten him in battle. Tristram, prepared and fought against him. It was a long fight but finally won Tristram, who was injured. He went to Ireland to heal. On the journey he played the harp, the king heard him and took him to his castle. He didn't say his true identity. The king had a daughter, Isolt, Tristram fell in love with her. He taught her to play the harp and she healed him.
  • Sir Palamides, the opponent (Chapter 7).

    Sir Palamides, the opponent (Chapter 7).
    Sir Palamedes also loved Isolt but she didn´t love him. Tristram and Palamides fought for her. The battle began, they fought and won Tristram. He told Palamides not to speak to her anymore and to leave her alone. Days later, Tristram returned to Cornwall and told his uncle everything. King Mark wanted to marry Isolt. The King of Ireland was very happy. They were married and Tristram went to Camelot to be a Knight of the Round Table. From that moment, Tristram and Isolt were only friends.
  • The tragedy (Chapter 7).

    The tragedy (Chapter 7).
    One day, Palamides kidnapped Isolt. Another knight fought him and Isolt entered a forest. Atherp found her and took her to his castle. Tristram returned to Ireland and sought Isolt. He arrived at Sir Atherp's castle, there was Palamides, he fought against him and won again. Palamides went with King Arthur and Tristram returned with Isolt to Cornwall. Mark, jealous of Tristram, killed him. Days later, Isolt didn´t eat or drink and died. King Arthur, knowing the story, sent a knight to kill Mark.
  • The new knight, Galahad (Chapter 8).

    The new knight, Galahad (Chapter 8).
    While the king and his knights were in Camelot, an old man and a young boy appeared. The old man told the boy to sit in the only chair that wasn´t occupied. Galahad's name was written on the chair. The old man left and no one saw him again. Years before, Merlin had told Arthur that his best knight would sit there. The king asked who this young man was, no one knew except Lancelot. Suddenly everyone realized how much the two were alike. One knights said: He is the son of Lancelot! Both smiled.
  • In search of "The Grail" (Chapter 8).

    In search of "The Grail" (Chapter 8).
    After Galahad became a knight, a white light appeared. It was a gold cup. Galahad screamed: The Grail! Suddenly he said: I need to go after it now that it is in our country. Sir Lancelot, Sir Bors and Sir Percivale went with him. Arthur was very sad because he knew the end of the Round Table was approaching. After a long journey, they finally found The Grail on a ship. Everyone very happy stayed that night on the ship. They returned to Camelot.
  • The new king (Chapter 8).

    The new king (Chapter 8).
    There was no king in the country. Suddenly, an old man came and said: take the youngest and bravest knight and make him king. Galahad became king and very happy built a church where he put The Grail. Days later, the old man appeared again and told the king that he would die. The next day he was found dead in front of The Grail, but with a smile. Many knights returned to Camelot and met again at the Round Table. Arthur was still sad because the end was near.
  • Mordred the fraud (Chapter 9).

    Mordred the fraud (Chapter 9).
    King Arthur and Sir Garwain went to France, there was Lancelot, the king was angry with him. Meanwhile, in Camelot was Modred who lied to the queen saying that the king had died in battle. The queen ran to a castle in London to protect herself from the evil knight, who couldn't enter. When the king arrived in England he fought Mordred in a hard battle, the king finally won. Garwain was dying, he was wounded. He wrote a note to Lancelot and the knight died.
  • The second and the last fight (Chapter 9).

    The second and the last fight (Chapter 9).
    Days later, Modred returned to wait for the king to fight him in the lake where Excalibur came from. The night before, Garwain told him not to fight him. So the king did and tried to speak to him. They both spoke and the knights left their swords, but suddenly one of Mordred's knights took up his sword and killed an animal. It was when the battle began, it was long and hard. All day passed and all the king's knights died except two. King Arthur killed Mordred and the king was wounded.
  • Excalibur return home (Chapter 9).

    Excalibur return home (Chapter 9).
    The two knights, Lucan and Bedivere, led the king to a small church. On the way Lucan died. One night the king told Bedivere that he was going to die and to throw Excalibuar into the lake. He tried to trick the king twice to keep the sword. Finally he threw it, a hand came out of the water, took the sword and disappeared.
  • THE END (Chapter 9).

    THE END (Chapter 9).
    King Arthur asked Bedivere to bring him closer to the lake and get him on the boat. In it were many ladies, among them the Lady of the Lake and Queen Morgan Le Fay. Arthur told the knight that he should leave and tell everyone the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Finally the boat disappeared underwater.