Killing Spree

  • Ted Bundy born

    Ted Bundy was born in November of 1946 in a faculty for young unwed mothers.
  • First Confirmed Assault

    Sexually assaulted and beat a 18 yearold female dancer with a metal rod, she survived but suffered brain damage.
  • Second Victim

    University of Washington student who you beat and killed and dumped her body in a seperate location.
  • Third Victim

    The Evergreen State College is where he kidnapped and murdered a 19 year old female student.
  • Fourth Victim

    Tricked a young women to his vechile by wearing a fake cast saying he needed help carrying some books.
  • Double Kill

    Killed two young female's one after she was seen leaving a tavern and another one after she left her boyfriends dorm heading back to her sority house.
  • Killing at Lake Sammamish

    This is when he changed the time and area he would hunt for young women. At lake Sammamish State Park in Washing/
  • Fall of 1974

    When he decided to change his MO. He deicded to attack young women that were not attending any a University and lured them by saying he was a police officer. One of the people he tried to attack actually exscaped by jumping out the side of his car while it was moving.
  • Utah High School

    When he tried to convice a teacher and a student that he was a police officer and to come to the police station they both refused. Instead he abducted a 17 year old girl leaving school to pick up her younger brother.
  • Idaho and Colorado killings

    Ted abducted and kille four females by pretending to have a leg injury and needing help loading something into his car.
  • First Arrest

    Was arrested in his car while driving through utah for failing to stop for a police officer. When the police searched his vechile they found what looked like to be a burglary tools.
  • Conviction of kidnapping

    Following a week long trail he was convicted of kidnapping and sentenced to 15 years behind bars.
  • First escape

    While awaiting trial for one of the murders he commited he escaped but was caught sic days later.
  • Second Escape

    Seven months after his first escape he managed to escape a jail he was being held in.
  • Killing Rampage

    He managed to kill a lot of young women in a short period of time but he was eventually caught again.
  • Execution

    After he admitted to killing 35 young women he was sentenced to the death penatly and several years later he was killed.