Kids For Cash

  • The Juvenile Law Center asks Supreme Court to look into the amount of imprisoned juveniles.

    Mark A. Ciavarella was the judge
    More than double the state average of juveniles were imprisoned
  • Judge Ciavarella

    He removes himself after admitting to that he did not properly inform juveniles of their rights
  • Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court denies the Juvenile Law Center's review
  • Michael T. Conahan

    Michael T. Conahan (who is the former judge) and Ciavarella are removed from judicial duties after pleading guilty to accepting over $2 million form other individuals involved.
  • Reconsider Review

    The Juvenile Law Center asks the Supreme Court again to review the case
  • Sends for review

    The Supreme Court sends Senior Berks County Judge Arthur for review
  • Judge Grim

    He recommends that all of Ciavarella's juvenile court sentences from 2003-2008 be vacated.
  • Guilty pleas

    Both judges withdraw their gulity pleas after the judge rejects the 87 month prison statement.
  • Judge Grim' recommendation

    The court accepts the recommendation to vacate all juvenile court sentences.
  • New Plea Agreement

    Prosecutors announce that Conahan has a new plea agreemnet. Ciavarella's attorney states that they are preparing for trial.
  • Ciavarella's Conviction

    Ciavarella is convicted and sentenced to 28 years in prison.
  • Conahan

    Conahan is sentenced to 17.5 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy.