KEY EVENTS of the Perks of being a wallflower

  • Charlie has his first day of school

    He was very nervous of starting school because he didnt had made any friend in the holidays and he was going to be alone.
  • Bill gives Charlie his first book.

    The English professor gives him the book "To kill a mockingbird"
  • Charlie meets Sam and Patrick

    He was really lonely in the football match and Patrick called him and introduce Sam to him.
  • Charlie learns what mastubartion is

    Patrick teach Charlie how girls like to be treated and what masturbation means.
  • Charlie goes to his first highschool party

    Sam and Patrick invited party to go to a party with them. In there Charlie eats a happy brownie and gets high.
  • Charlie is doing secret santa

    Charlie is Patrick´s secret santa. He was going to gift im a mix-tape of all his favourite songs.
  • Charlie's birthday

    Charlie had his birthday the same day as her aunt died. That is why he always felt bad that especific day.
  • Charlie is invited to dance by Mary Elizabeth

    This happens after Charlie acted in the Roky Horror Picture Show where he replaced Craig.
  • Charlies kisses Sam while beeing with Mary Elizabeth.

    They were playing Truth or Dare when Patrick dares him to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. He kissed Sam hurting Mary Elizabeth.
  • Patrick and Brad had a fight

    Charlie defends Patrick from Brad buddies which were 3. By doing this he gets involved in the fight.