Kenneth Craik (1914-1945)

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  • The Beginning of Time

    The Beginning of Time
    Kenneth Craik was born on March 29, 1914 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the son of a solicitor who was named James Craik and the mother was named Marie Sylvia. "About Kenneth Craik" Web. 20 APR 2019
  • Cambridge Psychological Laboratory

    Kenneth Craik joined a research team at Cambridge Psychological Laboratory where his desires were to investigate physical, physiological and physiological interests and methods that would bring together in intimate relations. He studied special senses. Visual adaptation is what he chose as a general problem. He carried out many experiment that dealt with bright and dark adaptation. Barlett, F.C "Dr. K.J.W. Craik [obituary]", Nature 155: 720. 1945. Web. 16 APR. 2019
  • The First Book

    The First Book
    Kenneth Craik Mental Models In 1943, he wrote his first book called The Nature of Explanation. This book established the concept of mental models. Mental Models is when the mind forms models of reality and uses them to predict similar future events. Kenneth's book showed that he was a practitioner of cognitive science. "About Kenneth Craik" Web. 16 APR. 2019
  • The Last Day

    The Last Day
    Kenneth Craik died at an early age. He was 31 years old. We lost Kenneth to an accident that happened on May 7, 1945 at the Kings Parade in Cambridge where a car struck his bicycle. He was rushed to the hospital but died on the following day. "About Kenneth Craik" Web. 16 APR 2019
  • Publication

    After Kenneth Craik death, his two-part paper was on the " Theory of Human Operators in Control Systems was published by the British Journal of Psychology. "About Kenneth Craik" Web. 20 APR. 2019
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    The life of Kenneth Craik

    A man who was an outstanding philosopher and a psychologist.