Katlyn's Surviving Hitler Timeline

  • jack was heathy

    his life was normal he had food to eat and real cothes to wear.
  • war starts

    war comes to poland . jack his mother and brother are going to the grandpaents house to hide.
  • good bye

    jack get pushed into an other line of boys because he shows a nazi a card with a stamp on it.his mother and brother are in the other line that he was in,
  • jack goes to frist camp

    he is finally there he gets his shoes and uniform. the shoes are wooden. he would have to wear papper bags under his uniform because his unimform was so light it would not be enough warmth.
  • he moves to a new camp

    jack has found out he is moveing to a new camp. he was really worryed because he did not know if he could make it with out his new friend. he would have to start over and the conditions could be much more deadly.
  • new friend

    jack had met a new friend. he has been telling him how to survive hitlers game. he told him only think of ur self because you will not make it if you try to help others.
  • it has been 3 years now

    he met a kid named moniek. because he met him thats the frist time he has laughed in 3 years.as time went by he did not no what year it was and he did not even know if it was his own brithday and how old he was.
  • hungarian camp

    jack and moniek get put in a hungarian camp, his friend is beet.and jack is locked in a room.
  • the was is over

    he is in this room with all theses other people. then he heres gun and booms being drop he does not know whats going on he does not know if his friend is ok. when he wakes up the men helps him get the door open and he now knows the war is over
  • his own family

    after the war he starts his own family of seven. and he is still in touch with his friend