Kathryn #15 Edgar Allan Poe

  • Poe is born

    Poe is born
    Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 9, 1809. His parents' names were Elizabeth and David Poe.
  • Edgar's

    On December 8th 1811, when Poe was only two years old his mother dies on a tour of an unknown cause.
  • Monroe Doctrine is Finished

    Monroe Doctrine is Finished
    On this date the Monroe Doctrine is finished.
  • Poe's Secret Fiance

    Poe is secretly engaged to Sarah Elmira Royster.
  • Poe goes to college

    Poe goes to college
    Poe becomes a student at the University of Virginia and excels at ancient and modern languages.
  • Thomas Jefferson Dies

    Thomas Jefferson Dies
    July 4, 1826 Thomas Jefferson dies of old age.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven dies

    Ludwig Van Beethoven dies
    On March 26, 1827 Ludwig Van Beethoven the famous composer dies becuase of lead poisoning.
  • Edgar's Foster Mother Dies

    Edgar's Foster Mother Dies
    On this date, Edgar's beloved foster mother passes away making her the second woman that he loved that he has lost.
  • John Allan Dies

    John Allan Dies
    John Allan dies of tuberculosis.
  • The Tell-Tale Heart

    On this date the Tell-Tale Heart is finished and published.
  • Death of Poe

    Death of Poe
    On October 7, 1849 Poe mysteriously dies because of an unknown reason. Though some say it was from drinking, rabies, or poisoning.