justice systetem

  • Federal Judiciary Act

    the first congress passed the federal judiciary act whic establish the federal court system
  • john marshall

    became one of the most famous chief justice of all time and wanted national than states rights
  • marbury vs madison

    it made judicial review and checks and balance
  • fletcher vs peck

    for the first declare a state law unconsitutional
  • mcCulloch vs maryland

    a state cant not tax a federal bank
  • worchester vs gerogia

    it was ruled that georgia couldnt pass a law affecting the cherokees but jackson wouldnt not enforce it
  • dred scott vs sandford

    it ruled that slaves were property and not citizens.
  • plessy vs ferguson

    it ruled separte but equal for blacks
  • korematsu vs united states

    it ruled during war time the interment of japaneese americans were consitution
  • earl warren

    when he was chief justice his court became warren court and he supported civil rights, civil liberties, voting rights, and perosnal privacy
  • brown vs board of education

    it overturn plessy vs furguson
  • miranda vs arizona

    police must tell the captive his or her rights
  • tinker vs des moines

    students are allowed to wear armbands as it was freedom of speech
  • texas vs johnson

    ruled that you can burn the american flag because it was freedom of speech