Julian Assange

  • Childhood

    His family moved frequently when he was a child and was educated with a combination of homeschooling and courses
  • Teenager

    As a teenager he had an ability with computers using the hacking nickname of "Mendax"
  • The criminal begginig

    He was charged with 31 counts of cybercrime, however he received a small punishment
  • Studying

    Over the next decade he traveld, studied physics at the university of Melborune and worked as a computer security consultant
  • WikiLeaks

    He created wikileaks for senititive or classified documents
  • Arresting

    He was arrested in london
  • Prosecution in Sweden

    He faced in Sweden where he was wanted in conection whit sexual assault charges
  • Supreme Cort

    The supreme cort weight the matter of his extradition, while he remaned under house arrest
  • Denied Extradition

    After his extradition was denied he refush in the Ecuatorian Embassy
  • U.S active

    He become an active playen in the U.S presidential race.
  • Relations whit Russia

    Cybersecurity experts and U.S agencies confirmed that the data he published had been obtained by hackers associated whit Russia agencies.
  • New Charges

    In 2017 he approached his fiftn year under the facto house, and Swedish prosecutors discounted their investigation into the rape charges against him.
  • Under Arrest

    After a written agreement from the British goverment that he would not be extradited where he could face tortue or death penalty Ecuadorian Press allowed British Police to enter the embassy and arrest him.