Joseph's Life

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    The Coat

    The Coat
    Jacob makes an ornate coat for Joseph. God worked through this event because if Jacob had not given Joseph this coat, a spur of events would not have happened in retrospect. The coat made Joseph's brothers jealous. They had thought Jacob was favoring Joseph, his youngest son.
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    Joseph's Dream

    God gave Joseph a dream one night. He dreamt that his brothers' sheeves were bowing down to his own sheeves as they rose. His brothers hated him even more for this. He then had another dream that the sun and moon and eleven stars were bowing down to him. He told this to his brothers and father. The brothers were jealous, but his father kept the matter in his mind.
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    Joseph In Charge of Egypt

    Joseph In Charge of Egypt
    The pharaoh saw that God was with Joseph and allowed Joseph back into his palace. He then made Joseph the king of Egypt. For seven years, Joseph traveled all throughout Egypt and stored up large quantities of grain. When the abundance was over, the famine began and lasted for seven years. The people of Egypt were well-fed because they lived off of the grain Joseph stored. Soon, people all throughout the world were coming to pay for Joseph's grain.
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    Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt

    The famine was still running, and God had sent the effect to Joseph's brothers. Israel sent ten of the brothers to buy grain in Egypt. When Joseph saw his brothers, he recognized them, but pretended he didn't. His brothers didn't recognize him either. Joseph insisted to them that they were spies and imprisoned them.
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    Joseph Makes a Deal with His Brothers

    Joseph made a deal with his imprisoned brothers. Joseph's brothers told him that their youngest brother, Benjamin, was still with Israel in Canaan. So Joseph said that if they left one brother in prison and came back with Benjamin, he would let them all go. This showed faith in God to know that they would come back. However, Israel refused to allow it.
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    Joseph's Brothers' Return

    When God had sent the famine onto Joseph's brothers again, their father allowed them to take Benjamin back to Egypt. Once they arrived and Joseph saw that Benjamin was there, he invited them for dinner. At the sight of all of his brothers, Joseph became very emotional and left the room to weep. He then bestowed himself and ate freely with his brothers. He gave Benjamin a portion five times as much as anyone else.
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    Joseph's Deception

    Once God had silenced their hunger, Joseph sent his brothers off to their home with their wheat and silver. Beforehand, he slipped his silver cup into Benjamin's sack. Through his servant, Joseph ran out towards them and played the victim, asking why they had stole his cup. He made the deal that whoever was found with the cup, would have to be his servant. When Benjamin was found with it, Judah explained to Joseph that if Benjamin were to stay, their father would surely die of sadness.
  • The Birth of Joseph

    God gave Israel a son. Joseph was one of many brothers. His brothers were the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah. Bilhah and Zilpah were Joseph's father's wives. (His father was Jacob.)
  • Joseph Sold by His Brothers

    Joseph Sold by His Brothers
    One afternoon, Joseph's father sent him to check on his brothers who were tending their flocks. When his brothers saw him arriving, they quickly planned to kill him. Reuben suggested that they should not harm him, but only throw him in the cistern. God worked through Reuben to save Joseph's life. Judah later formulated the plan to sell Joseph to the Midianite merchants, who later sold him to Egypt. The brothers convinced Jacob that Joseph was eaten. He mourned for days.
  • Joseph and the Pharaoh's Wife

    Joseph and the Pharaoh's Wife
    Joseph was made a slave to an Egyptian master. But the master saw that God was with Joseph, and make him his attendant. The pharaoh's wife had begged Joseph to sleep with her repeatedly, but God gave Joseph the strength to resist. One day, the wife lied to the pharoah and said Joseph had begged her to sleep with him. So the pharaoh sent Joseph to prison. But the prison warden saw that God was with Joseph and put him in charge.
  • Joseph Makes Himself Known

    Joseph Makes Himself Known
    When it got to a point where he could no longer take it, Joseph admitted to his brothers that he was, in fact, their brother. He then forewarned them that the famine God had sent will last for five more years and invited them to live with him in the best of Egypt. He also gave them new clothes (five times more for Benjamin) and donkeys, and sent them on their way. He also instructed them to bring back his father.
  • The Death of Joseph

    This had been long after many events. Long after the struggle with the famine and the end of it, long after Jacob had given his sons blessings and past on, and long after Joseph reassured his brothers that they are forgiven for treating him poorly so long ago. God decided that it was Joseph's time to join in heaven at the age of 110. He told his brothers that God will surely come to their aid and take them out of the land and into the land he promised. He was buried in a coffin in Egypt.
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