Joseph Seberton By paula

  • Benton Barracks Saint Louis

    Benton Barracks  Saint Louis
    Joseph Saberton is currently waiting for oders to move and keeping watch for the rebles. They are very sudden and unexpected orders so he has to be preperas. He is not sure where he will be next. He also talks about how many men are sick and only five hundred are able and stable for duty.
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  • In the field, Camp near Corinth

    In the field, Camp near Corinth
    Joseph Saberton is talking about his payday.He also talks about moving to the P Center line about 1 ½ miles.As well people tried to attack his regiment but they held their ground and won two. Casualties were many but the most scary for Joseph were the two people died in front of him during the skirmish.
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  • Memphis tennnesee

    Memphis tennnesee
    Joseph is now on his way to a camp. He watched six men die over a heat stroke. He also caught six guerillas following them and trying to kill the wounded and sick soldiers who fell behind .He also wrote to his father which is a big thing because it was the first time he wrote to his PhotoLink video
  • Camp near Bolivar

    Camp near Bolivar
    Joseph talks about leaving Memphis to bolivar misssouri.He also talks about a fight in bolivar about 2 weeks ago where they tore up some of the railroads but they are being fixed and the cars are running back photoLink text
  • Bolivar Missouri

    Bolivar Missouri
    Joseph talks about being expected to fight soon in a battle.He also talks about there being a general with his regiment seven miles of the place Joseph is.And he also he talks about 30 thousand strong men and 4 train load of soldiers came to him last night from Jackson link textlink photo
  • Bolivar Missouri

    Bolivar Missouri
    Joseph talked about being skirmished near camp.He is now in battlefield expecting engagement with the enemy 20 miles from the Junction and the report is there is a many rebels ready to fight.
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  • Camp Near LaGrange Tennesse

    Camp Near LaGrange Tennesse
    Joseph talks about the enemy retrievingafter the battle.He talks about having more soldiers which is a great thing and he also talks about how he hasn't gotten paid for 5 months now which is important because he is sort of a main source of income. And he talks about how he may move out of the area linkphotolinktext
  • Camp Near Davis Mills Missisippi

    Camp Near Davis Mills Missisippi
    Joseph moved from LaGrange to Mississippi he has taken out the old brigade and division .And they are now guarding the railroad from LaGrange to Holly Springs and he believes they may rest there for the winter.He also talks about how he believes the war may end soon . As well he belives won't get paid until the 1st of january of the next photo[linktext](
  • Memphis Tennesse

    Memphis Tennesse
    Joseph provosted for the city he captured 200 soldiers because they left camp without permission.He also said there was talk about being paid but he knew that they would only get 2 months pay but there is 6 months due to him when he left Davis Mills.linkphotolink text
  • Memphis Tennesse

    Memphis Tennesse
    Joseph talked about people turning to the union and he expects to hear good news from Vicksburgh.As well they also surrounded the rebels and they couldn't get away.He is worried about being sent to vicksburg because in memphis people are being forced to oath to the south.[link photo]([linktext(
  • Memphis Tennesse

    Memphis Tennesse
    Joseph talks about having the chills over satuday and sunday.As well the captain Dablin is under arrest for going home without leave which is a very big thing because they are supposed to show example and that was not a good textlink photo
  • Memphis tennesse

    Memphis tennesse
    Jospeh talks about that it's likely that they will stay all winter in memphis and will not leaving anytime soon
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  • Nashville Tennesse

    Nashville Tennesse
    Joseph is now in Nashville waiting for his acquipments then he expects they will head for Decatur Alabama where their division is at.He talks about his long way traveling since the last time he wrote and how he finally found his way back to a base to get his stuff and now he is on his way to his regiment[link photo](]link text](
  • Decatur Alabama

    Decatur Alabama
    Joseph is now back with his regiment but he says it wasn't easy getting back into war mode.He also talks about how he made it back to the regiment and how when he got there were many sick man he find ceclaurs text[link photo](
  • Decatur Alabama

    Decatur Alabama
    Joseph is now scouting rebels around camp and He explains they have had smaller skirmishes throught the time he has been in alabama link photolink text
  • Camp West Point

    Camp West Point
    Joseph talks about how he could not write because he moved to atlanta and how he cut the rebels communication off and he fought the rebels by the time they were done many were dead and photo/text
  • Camp near Savannah Gerogia

    Camp near Savannah Gerogia
    he talks about getting back to a place they were in september he says the rebels left big guns and took only what they could carry on hand and he is waiting for orders on how to proceedlink photo
  • Evansville city Indiana

    Found in biography Joseph’s pension file states that he was shot in the arm. Re-evaluations of his disability repeatedly raised and lowered his pension