John Tyndall

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  • Early Years

    John Tyndall was born on August 2, 1820 in Leighlinbridge, Ireland. Tyndall attended the Ballinbranna Primary school until his late teens. At that point, he began his career as a draftsman. He continued this line of work until 1844. Between 1844 and 1948 he worked as a surveyor for the railroad. In 1847 he decided to take a position as a teacher at Queenwood College.
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    Tyndall moved to Germany and attended the University of Marburg, where he completed his dissertation in mathematics,
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    From 1850-1857, Tyndall started his scientific work. He completed a theory called diamagnetism. This theory states that diamagnetic material is reprised when comes in contact with a magnetic field. In 1853 he revived an appointment as professor to the Royal Institute of London.
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    Tyndall was an avid Alpine climber. In 1859, he began to experiment with the effects that ultraviolet radiation had on glaciers. This helped lead the way for scientists to examine greenhouse effects. Tyndall also led one of the first teams to climb the Matterhorn
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    Scientific Acheivement

    To pick out one scientific as his most recognizable would be an insult. During his lifetime, Tyndall was credited with an enormous amount of research in several fields such as: chemistry, physics, and the environment. He died of an accidental overdose in 1893.