John Smith

  • John Smith was born

    John Smith was born
    John Smith was born in Kent KentJohn Smith was born in Kent
  • Early Education

    Early Education
    In 1976 John Smith started primary school. Then in 1988 he finished secondary school. A year later he decided to study medicine at university.
  • University Studies

    University Studies
    He started university and completed his studies in medicine in 1998
  • His working life

    His working life
    In 1992 John started working as an intern in local hospital. The he got valuable experience that he later used with his own patients in his private surgery.
  • Falling in love

    Falling in love
    In 1995 he met Ann, a beautiful young girl who was also studying medicine. They saw each other in the university canteen and they were biiten by the bug of love straighaway.
  • Wedding and honeymoon

    Wedding and honeymoon
    In 1998 they got married and went to the Caribbean on their honeymoon.
  • Graduation

    After graduating, he got a stable job in a public hospital.
  • His first child

    His first child
    On August 2 , 2000 his first daudhter was born. They gave the name Maria
  • His second child

    His second child
    In 2003 his second baby was born. It was a boy. His name is Tom.
  • His own surgery

    His own surgery
    In 2005 he set his own surgery but he kept his old job in the public hospital
  • Changing jobs

    Changing jobs
    He gave up his old job in the hospital and continued working on his own, in his own surgery.