John Locke-Austin

By ahwa
  • start

    John Locke was born
  • study

    After he has studied many subjects, like philosophy, Locke becomes a college professer
  • article

    John Locke reads Rene Descarte's Discourse on the Method. He takes an interest to it
  • friends

    John Locke meets Lord Ashley and they become friends
  • Hired

    Locke is now Lord Ashley's new Physician
  • essay

    Locke writes his first essay
  • ideas

    Locke begins to write and promote a social contract
  • constitution

    Locke is required to write a fundamental constitution of Carolina
  • Framed !

    Locke's ideas about revolution are thought to be plots to kill the king
  • The Meeting

    Locke meets Sir Issac Newton, and they become friends
  • book ispublished

    Locke gets his book, an Essay on Human Understanding published
  • Two Treatisies is published

  • promoted

    Locke is a part of the British Board of Trade
  • end

    John Locke dies
  • copied

    Thomas Jefferson uses ideas from some of John Locke's essay