John Locke

  • Birth

    John Locke was born in 1632 August 29th. His parents were very generous and polite people. When he was born it was in fact during the midst of a thunderstorm.
  • Coffee is invented ( Additional)

    Coffee was invented all the way back in 1632. This invention also took place in England. Now coffee is one of the most famous beverages around the world. They are sold at Dunkin Donuts, Honey Dew, Starbucks, ect.
  • First Baptist Church

    The first ever world Baptist Church is created. This took place in 1633. Today there are many Baptist churches all around the world.
  • Civil War

    The United States Civil War was occuring during this time. This war was fought in about 10,000 places! More than 3 Million Americans fought in this War.
  • Modern Harmony

    Modern Harmony was created in 1650 during this time. This is the music with the combinations of Pitch, Notes and work in Music
  • School days and College Days

    John Locke's schooldays were terrible and he had little pleasure in his studies. He then attemnded Christ Church in 1652 off a scholarship. He majored in Greek, moral and rhetoric philosophy.
  • Treatises on Government

    John Locke wrote the book " Treatises on Government". It served to justify the overthrow of Jasmes II. This book is very important and has a deep influence on modern day Political thinking.
  • Cough Sickness

    John Locke got very sick in his late 30's. This disease was a family disease that his family had. He struggled with a cough for over 30 Years!
  • British Revolution

    John Locke was the Apostle of the British Revolution. This took place in 1669. So he was hugely involved in the American and British Revolution.
  • Empirical Science

    John Locke formulated the formula for Empirical Science in the 17th Century. He used the Doctrine book to help him. Empirical science is the science of data and numbers
  • New Map in England

    A new map was created of England. This transition took place in 1685. They made this because there were many changes that took place after the " Thirty Years War".
  • Classical Liberalism

    John Locke along with Thomas Jefferson created Classical Liberalism. This was the idea of less Government. It contained freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and free markets.
  • Coinage Creation

    John Locke created a certain coinage in 1696. He made this special type of coinage in England. He was assisted by his fellow Isaac Newton.
  • Newton elected President of the Royal Society

    This next event occured in 1703, one year before John Locke passes away. Isaac Newton is elected president of the Royal Society. Newton and Locke had a great relationship and they invented many things together such as coinage in England.
  • Death

    John Locke died sadly on October 28th 1704. He lived until 72 years old. Some of his death probably had to do with his family sickness.
  • American Revolution

    John Locke was the Prophet of the American Revolution which occured on August 4th 1776. The U.S eventually got independence from Great Britan. This event also took place after his death.
  • Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of happiness

    It is possible that John Locke created the quote " Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness". This quote was published in 1776 after he died but he created the theory. His and Thomas Jefferson were both credited with the invention of this quote.