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John Lewis's Life

By TEstep
  • Sit ins

    Sit ins
    John Lewis participated in his first actual sit-in, it was the Greensboro sit in. Thsi changed John Lewis's beleifs, because this was his first non-violent protest, which ended up to be the first of many.
  • Freedom Riders

    Freedom Riders
    John Lewis volunterred to be a part of the freedom riders. After he joined, it helped shape him out to the man he is today. Irt did this by what happeneed to him, he got beaten multiple times for marching with this group. he was even jailed once. It taught him the risks he was taking.
  • SCLC

    John Lewis was elected into the board organization of SCLC, he pretty much just asked, or volunteered, and they let him! His beleifs changed by joining this group because it was the 2nd group he was in for the civil rights, and it proved to himself, that he could change how whites got treated better.
  • Period: to


    During this period, John Lewis served as the chairman of the SNCC, which was the Sudent Nonviolent Coordinating Comittee.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    John Lewis marched and led in the March on Washington! This march, changed his whole life. While on this march, he got hit, beaten, yelled and cursed at, things thrown at him. It made him realize, many people hated him for doing this, but he just kept walking, he didn't back down because he knew that he was doing the right thing. Thsi relates to me, because I try to do the right thing no matter what.
  • John Lewis & MLK

    John Lewis & MLK
    On this day, John Lewis decided to maintain a liaison, with the SCLC, and Dr. King. This changed his beleifs because this action got him criticism by his group the sncc, and later became the end of it.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Lewis and fellow activist Hosea Williams led "Bloody Sunday," one of the most dramatic nonviolent protests of the movement. His beleifs changed, because after this day, he knew he was going to get severly beaten, tortured and hurt. He finally realized, that!
  • Period: to

    First Governmental Office

    Lewis was elected to his first governmental office in 1981, serving as an Atlanta City Council member until 1986
  • Walking With the Wind

    Walking With the Wind
    Lewis co-authored Walking With The Wind: A Memoir of the Movement with Michael D'Orso.
  • History Makers

    History Makers
    John Lewis was interviewed b the History Makers about his adventures.