John Dewey

  • John Dewey was born

    He was born in Burlington,VT. His parents were Archibald Srague Dewey, & Lucina Artemisia Rich Dewey.
    Hey was to be a very important figure in education. He helped reform education and better teachings for furture generations. Dewey woud come to be one of the most important figures associated with philiosphy and to be the father to many forms of psychology.
  • Dewey on Education

    Acording to Dewey he stated the purpose of education should be not the communication of knowledge but to better share the social experiences so this way children would be more integrated into the democratic community. His beliefs would leed him to see democracy as a form of life. He had a western philiosphy of nature.
  • John Dewey Chairman of the department of philosphy, psychology, and pedagogy at the University of Chicago

    It was during his time here at the university when Dewey began to formorlize his views. This was when his contributions to the school of thought also known as Pragmatism. He held that the central core of pragmatism is the value or meaning of an idea are held in its practical consequences.
  • John Dewey on Psychology

    During his tenure he was elected president to the American Psychological Association. He also served as president of the American Philosophical Association. He served both in one ear terms. He was considered on of the top thinkers of the 20th century and his influence on psychology were vital. His teaching allowed for researchers to have a deeper understanding on how a persons experience has a connection to gain knowledge.