John deere

John Deere

By s372145
  • The Child Hood Of John Deere

    The Child Hood Of John Deere
    On Febuary 7th 1804 John Deere was born in a small town called Ruthland Vermont.John Deere was very smart he had a good education at a very young age. John Deere moved on and began to bulid things at the age of 8 years old.
  • Middle Life

    Middle Life
    John Deere got married in 1827 he had nine children. Later after being married he had trouble with the creditors John Deere's business started to suffer of backruptyc.Deere had to sell his shop.
  • The Steel Plow

    The Steel Plow
    Still in the middle life John Deere he invented the steel plow in 1837.He was trying to make it better so it could plow better and go through the gorund better.In 1841 Jon Deere was manufacturing 75-100 plows a year he also finally made his plow better.
  • John Deeres Death

    John Deeres Death
    John Deere died in May 17 1886,at the age of 82 in his house in Moline Illinois on the Mississppi. He lived along tim he was a great man. John deere bulit a steel plow that was the best in his time.He was a great inventor he bulit some real good things.