johari bonilla

  • The Middle Ayes

    The Middle Ayes is the poeriod of change in westerm Europe as barbaries were migrating in the areas given up by romas. Rise of Northem Europe
    Dark Ages ( 500 ( E - 1000 CE ) - schoolars named this as a time when the forces of darkness ( barbarians) over whelmed the forces of light ( Romans)
    Strategic location on trade routes one of largest natural harbours in the world linked the east and west.
  • Christian Church

    Christian Church has become an important political, economic, speritual and cultural force in Europe.
    Church was granted favours by Roman Emperors / king ( land , exemption from taxes, immunity in courts, positions in courts)
    and in return the Church would en dorse kings to help secure their rule.
    Kings looked to Church to supply educated adminitrators to helps run kings would enfore laws that prohibited other religions.
  • The power of the medieval Church

    Bishops and abbots played a large part in the feudal system
    The Church controlled aboud 1/3 of the land in western Europe.
    Tried to curb feudal warfac __ only 40 days a year for combat.
    Tithe ___ 1/10 tax on your assets given to the church.
    Peter's pense ___1 penny per person ( paid by the peasants)
    The Church became increasingly involved in the feudal system .
    Pope Gregory VII believed the pope's authority
  • Slaves and Serfs

    Slaves made up of conquered peoples
    Some treated harshly, while other were treated fairly.
    Rural slaves became serfs, who worked the land and provided labour for owner (in return from protection)
    Set up for system of feaudalism
  • The hundred years' war

    England still had a small possession in France.
    King Philip VI of frances tried to take it back, king edward III of England declarate war on Philip in 1337