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Johannes Kepler - Maria-Paula Chacon

By Cammy98
  • Dec 27, 1571

    Johannes is Born

    Johannes is Born
    Johannes Kepler was born in the now Stuttgart Region of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He is well known for his laws on planetary motion. Kepler was born in an era which knew little about astronomy or astrology. (17th Century)
  • Period: Dec 27, 1571 to

    Johannes Kepler

  • Jan 1, 1577

    The Great Comet of 1577

    The Great Comet of 1577
    The Great Comet affected Kepler's future choice in career. He experienced this event at the age of 6.
  • Jan 1, 1580

    The Lunar Eclipse & The Disease

    The Lunar Eclipse & The Disease
    Johannes also observed a lunar eclipse. He remembers that the moon looked "quite red". After this though, Johannes was weakened by smallpox.
  • Kepler's Education

    Kepler's Education
    Kepler first switched from grammar school, to Latin school, and a senimary at Maulbronn. Until he began to study at the University of Tubingen. Here he studied philosphy. He proved to be a superb mathematician and soon earned a reputation as a skillfull astrologer, - even casting horscopes for fellow students!
  • Wanted...?

    Kepler had a desire to become a minister, But then, he was recommended for a position as teacher of mathematics and astronomy at the Protestant school in Graz (later the University of Graz). Johannes accepted the position in April 1594, at the age of 23.
  • Mysterium Cosmographicum

    Mysterium Cosmographicum
    Mysterium Cosmographicum was the first astronomical work published by Kepler in which he defended that the theories of Copernicus were true and accurate
  • Happily Ever After - Numero Uno?

    Happily Ever After - Numero Uno?
    He married Barbara Muller. Kepler had 2 children which died in infancy. And then in 1602 they had a daughter. A son in 1604. And another boy in 1607.
  • They Meet

    They Meet
    Tycho Brahe and Johannes meet.
  • Tycho Died

    Tycho Died
    Two days after Tycho's unexpected death on October 24, 1601, Kepler was appointed his successor as imperial mathematician with the responsibility to complete his unfinished work.
  • Kepler's laws

    Kepler's laws
    They are: (1) The Elliptical law. 2) The Equal-areas law. And (3) The Harmonic law. The third law came ten years later. (1619)
  • Kepler's Supernova

    Kepler's Supernova
    The picture to the left is a picture of the supernova Kepler found and researched in 1604
  • Kepler Conjecture

    Kepler Conjecture
    The Kepler conjecture says that this is the best that can be done—no other arrangement of spheres has a higher average density.
  • Now Its a Happily Ever After

    Now Its a Happily Ever After
    Kepler married Susanna Reuttinger. Following the death of his first wife Barbara, Kepler had considered 11 different matches. But chose Susanna. The first three children of this marriage. Three more survived into adulthood. He was happier in this marriage than in the first.
  • OMG :O!?! - Is It True? - We Don't Know...

    OMG :O!?! - Is It True? - We Don't Know...
    Rumor has it ... Kepler was actually the first pseudo scientist to come up with the theory of wormholes throughout the universe.
  • Johannes Dies

    Johannes Dies
    Johannes is remembered to this day for his many contributations - like his eponymous laws of planetary motion. He also had many things named in his Honor and he had a Statue made.