(JM)If I Die in a Combat Zxone-Tim O'Brien-nonfiction-209

  • Chapters1-3 pages 1-16

    The book introduces Tim and Barney (two ground troops). There job is to clear villages with there unit looking for "charlie" ( the enemy troops). In the book it also tells about hi s life before the war and how he had developed a love for reading. Pages read-16 runing total-349
  • chapters3-5 pages16-38

    Tim tells his audieance about the bored companions.He also tells about the misery of bootcamp. In the next chapter he discusses about when he depatted from home to go into the army. pages read-22 total read-371
  • chapters 5,6 pages 38-56

    tim O'Brien tells us specific stries about bootcamp life and how he liked fire watch(gaurd post) because everything was peacfull and he could talk to a friend.At his advanced traing he start to learn how to shoot better and be a ground troop and the responsibilities of that.He also begans to think about deserting. pages read-18 total pages read-389
  • chapters7-9 pages 56-78

    Tim obrien Puts together peices of his plan to dessert in the library. He then goes to the minister of the base and asks him his views on the war and if it is worth dieing for. after that he asks hi s commaning officer if he can have a weekend pass. Tim gets the pass and starts his plan but deseds not to dessert so he returns to base and get shipped to vietnam.
    pages read-22 total pages read-411
  • chapter 9-23 pages 78-209

    In these chapters he talks about his life in vietnam, he talks about the types of mines used by the vietames. Tim gives his view of an ambush on the "Cong".At the end of the book he has served his 4 years and decides to get out of the army. Pages read-131 total pages read-542