Jimmy hendrix

  • Jimmy hendrix bourn

    Jimmy hendrix bourn
    Jimmy hendrix was born in seattle, USA , in 14 of november, 1942
  • Childhood

    In their fourth birthday receive suppress musical instrument as a gift by his parents, something that marked his life as from there to interest him music Begins
  • family problem

    family problem
    Jimmy he goes to live whit his patern granth mother for the inestability of his parents for cause of their separation.
  • start

    he had recieved his first acustic guitar, by his uncles
  • the practice

    the practice
    his mother die, his fater buy his first electric guitar. hendrix at this point begins to develop a love for music and impressive Begins to play like never before abia echo
  • the law

    the law
    :he was recluted to the military enlistment for problems whit the law.
  • the opportunity

    the opportunity
    Jimmy is given the opportunity to enter the band called the king casuals as lead guitarist, this time Jimmy Begins to give a little more in the light of the world with his excellent performance during this time
  • musical development

    musical development
    After being in his first band "the king casuals" jimmy decides to seek new opportunities in that time, so is developing a band named isley brothers. these give you the opportunity to present and see his talent is hired as lead guitarist
  • The curtis knight and the squires

    The curtis knight and the squires
    jimmy played the guitar i the band curtis knight and the squires,and develop their ability to play the guitar in different positions with the former guitarist of the band
  • the first step

    the first step
    he was made his first group whit called jimmy james and the blue flames.This group is very fast to fame was as an excellent presentation jimmy every time they saw
  • the controversial

    the controversial
    the sudden change in the band jimmy causes controversy among the people for no reason because obia rename fat matters.
  • the problem

    the problem
    :he was arrested in the pearson international airport, becouse the police found heroina in his bags.
  • th end of hendrix

    th end of hendrix
    :he die, for a mixture of alcohol and sleeping pills. This caused a great controversy in the people, not great and profound sadness of the world as it loses one of its greatest exponents at the guitar
  • recognition

    Hendrix died after having entered in the table is the fame of rock and roll
  • fame after death

    fame after death
    he was elected by the rolling stones magazine like one of the best guitarrist ever.
  • the best of the best

    the best of the best
    the time magazine called him like the best guitarrist ever.