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  • Niels Henrik Bohr was Born

    Niels Henrik Bohr was Born
    Niels Henrick Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. 7 October 1888 to Christian and Ellen Bohr. He was the second of three children. Pais 1991, pp. 44-45, 538-539
  • Bohr Wins Nobel Prize for Physics

    Bohr Wins Nobel Prize for Physics
    For theoretical work involving the absorption of alpha rays (which he published in the Philosophical Magazine, 1913). He introduced concepts in Quantum Theory established by Planck, by presenting the atomic structure more clearly. Breaking down the concepts in detail.
  • Bohr vs Einstein -The Great Debate

    Bohr vs Einstein -The Great Debate
    Solvay Conference in 1927. Bohr insisted that entities could be considered particles and the act of observance, caused them to exist. Einstein disagreed that just because you aren't observing it, doesn't mean it isn't there.
    “The Solvay Conference, Probably the Most Intelligent Picture Ever Taken, 1927.” Rare Historical Photos, 14 Oct. 2017,
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    Neils Bohr and his son Aage, were both invited to work on the Manhattan Project. He visited the United States and served as a scientific advisor under the alias Nicholas Baker. He assisted scientists in troubleshooting problems they encountered with the atomic bomb. It was here in which Niels Bohr brought his concern for the possibility of a nuclear arms race, and Bohr started relaying concerns surrounding nuclear proliferation. Bohr wanted to bring about international nuclear cooperation.
  • Atoms for Peace Award

    Atoms for Peace Award
    Bohr was awarded the Atoms for Peace Award, 24 October 1957 for his efforts. Although Bohr was concerned about the scientific progression that led to the creation of the atom bomb, he was very passionate about the future of such weapons. He proposed that we share a lot of our information and come together and cooperate when it came down to nuclear energy. He was very concerned over a nuclear arms race, leading up to our disaster with the creation and the discovery of nuclear power.
  • Niel Bohr's Death

    Niel Bohr's Death
    Bohr died of heart failure at his home in Calrsberg, 18 November 1962. Niels Bohr. CERN Courier. 2 (11):10. Nov 1962.
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    Bohr at the Institute

    Bohr directed his studies into the research of the atomic nuclei, their transmutations, and disintegrations. He also brought to light many problems in quantum physics and highlighted how physics has changed the scientific outlook which had far-reaching consequences. He published this work and his views in a multitude of essays spanning from 1933-1962.